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Lithium Carbonate ER

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Love it


Lithium has been a lifesaver for me. I have Bipolar Disorder Type 1, with mania, trouble sleeping and anxiety as my main problems. I've been on so many different medications, it's ridiculous (Seroquel, Depakote, Geodon, Trazadone, Zyprexa...you name it). Everything I've ever tried would work for a short while and then the side effects would take over and make me miserable. What I would usually do is just stop taking my meds, which would then trigger a manic episode. When my Psychiatric NP suggested Lithium, I was a little skeptical because I know that it's an older generation drug. But I am so glad she did and I couldn't be happier with it. She started me at 300 mg (which is actually a really low dose) per night along with 1 mg of Abilify. This combination worked wonderful for me in terms of my mood being stabilized and no longer feeling lethargic. I was no longer experiencing racing thoughts that didn't make sense and I felt a new sense of hope and freedom from the misery caused by my disorder. I would wake up every morning feeling peaceful, calm, motivated and excited to start my day. I started working out again, which I haven't felt motivated to do in years. As a result, I began to lose the weight that I had put on while on Zyprexa (and still had not lost). The only side effect I experienced with Lithium was slight nausea, but this had subsided by week 2. After my first lithium blood test indicated that my level was at 0.2 (0.5 - 1.2 being the norm), my NP doubled my dose to 600 mg. This actually worked out well because I was still having trouble sleeping on some nights. This new dose gave me a good night of sleep with the added bonus of not feeling groggy at all the next morning. Now I know why this drug has been around for ages - because it has proven to be very effective for Bipolar Disorder. Different drugs never work the same for any individual, but I believe that I have finally, at long last, been put on the drug cocktail that is just right for me.

Bay Area, CA


I have my daughter back


My 16 yr old daughter is Bi Polar, she also has an eating disorder. You combine those two things togather and finding medications that control mood swings, that can be taken with other medications long term and does not cause weight gain is almost impossible. As a nurse I did not want her to be on lithium because of the frequent blood test needed to insure proper lithium levels and it is know to cause a fine acne (kinda like a baby gets). After multiple failures on meds or her refusing other because of potential weight gain I agreed to let her take the lithium. I am so happy with her result, I have my daughter back. She is stable on her moods, and as happy as a teenager is capable of being, this may not sound like a big thing, but I assure you "normal' teenage drama is a welcome change in our home.

Fort Worth, TX


It works, but stay close to the bathroom!


I could probably achieve the next writer status just by reviewing the psychiatric medications I have been on for Bipolar I. I've been on and off lithium twice. It worked for me. I know it is toxic and you need the blood tests, but it's been my experience that once you get the right level in your bloodstream you should be OK and only need periodic monitoring. Just be careful not to get dehydrated because that can spike the lithium level in your system. I went on it the second time and I was on it for maybe four months. All of a sudden I had very bad diarrhea. Anything I would eat would have me in the bathroom 4 or 5 minutes later. I could not eat ANYTHING. I couldn't go out to eat, have popcorn at the movies or a snack on a road trip. Immediate violent diarrhea. I had so many fecal labs done to find the problem and trust me, those aren't fun. I even had an X-ray of my colon. Then my psychiatrist suggested maybe it was the lithuim. I went off it and the diarrhea stopped within a week. I had the runs for 10 weeks. I'd start out with something different. I do think there are more modern drugs that can do the same job. I've been on everything so it was worth a try.

Ames, IA


Lithium is the best medicine available for bi-polars


I was diagnosed 10 years ago as bi-polar. I have tried many different medications with very little positive results until last year when i was first perscribed lithium. Abilify was one of the first medications I tried and my side affects were very dibilitating. I experianced uncontrollable twitches in my hands and face, and my emotions ceased to exist. I was an emotionless zombie, uncapable of basic problem solving, basic social interaction skills, loss of energy and lost all previous interests. I had all but gave up hope until I discovered Lithium. Now, on 900ml a day, I have regained all previous life intrests and talents. I am able to work successfully in the hospitality industry in customer service and am also a working independent artist. I have a normal amount of energy which not only productively gets me through the day, but also controls the level so that I stay away from becoming manic/psychotic. I greatly suggest bi-polar patients to at least consider Lithium as a medication to control their manic depression symptoms.

Saint Clair Shores, MI


Effective drug, but needs an add-on


I've been taking lithium carbonate er for about four years (900mg taken at night). It's a good stabilizer, and I found I needed an extra stabilizer for maximum symptom control. Side effects are minor, but persist - random hand tremor most notably. It's ruined my handwriting! It also caused some acne and hair loss which was NOT FUN at all. That seems to have settled down, though, thank goodness.

Houston, TX


Great drug for me


I've been taking this Drug since 1995 and has helped a lot.  When you first start they should check your levels frequently but once it is established they only need to check twice a year and it is a very safe drug when used as prescribed.

North Tonawanda, NY


Old fashioned, highly toxic drug! BEWARE!


 **Lithium Carbonate ER Lithum Carbonate ER** This Drug is potientlly **very deadly!!!**  The user must have lab tests done  **frequently** to make sure your level is not going to **KILL** you!   There a many new drug out there that are much more effective and not nearly as risky!!! I question any doctor's decision to prescribe it in this day and age!   Get a second opinion!

Norcross, GA


This product did not work for me at all.


*The first time I took this medication I thought it would do some good for anxiety attacks (that is what the doctor told me) One dose is all I took and I slept for 3 days straight.  My fiancee tried to wake me up but I would only mubble something and fall back asleep.  Even after waking up 3 days later I felt very woozie.  I would not recommend this to anyone.*

Buena Park, CA


Lithium Carbonate ER

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