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Listerine Whitening Vibrant Multi-Action Whitening Rinse

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This Pre Brushing Rinse Clean Mint Works Great & Tastes Great


This mouth rinse really gives me fresh breath. I decided to try this one because other rinses by Listerine have worked well in the past. My teeth feel stronger, as well as my gums. When I use this pre-brush rinse I can feel it working. I can feel it killing germs and bacteria. My breath feels fresh and clean too. I really like the taste of this pre-rinse. The mint flavor is delicious. I don't feel like I have to grab my toothbrush right away because of the side effects. My mouth feels cleaner and healthier. My teeth feel smoother and I think it works on getting rid of plague too. I think this rinse does more than it says. I think it helps prevent gingivitis as well. I haven't had cavities in years, and that is because this product works. It is very simple to use. I just use the rinse before I brush, and follow the instructions. My teeth look whiter before I am halfway through the container. Other rinses by Listerine take longer to whiten my teeth. It works well on stains too. It only tingles a little bit. It is barely noticeable. It comes in a big container. It will last for many months. I think it is reasonably priced. This is a great oral hygiene product. I recommend "Aveeno Listerine Vibrant White Pre Brushing Rinse Clean Mint 16 fl oz"

Stockton, CA


Listerine White doesn't burn!


I pretty much love this product! Aveeno Listerine Vibrant White Pre Brushing Rinse Clean Mint 16 fl oz is great! It does not burn at all and leaves my mouth feeling really really clean. It has helped whiten my teeth a little bit but I think it could be better. Maybe if they put more whitening product inside the pre brush rinse then it would make my teeth whiter. Also it gets pretty foamy when it is in your mouth and when you spit it out into the sink or shower. You need to rinse your mouth out pretty good once you spit it out. It does not make my teeth sensitive to hot things or cold things or anything like that. It doesn't have a very minty taste to it but it does not make your breath stink either. It is still a refreshing feeling that you get after you do the rinse. It makes my teeth feel clean and seems like all the plague and tarter is off and I can do a better job when I brush my teeth after using it. Other than that it's pretty good!!!

Louisville, KY


Listerine Whitening Vibrant Multi-Action Whitening Rinse

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