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Mouthwash, Fluoride Rinse
Listerine Whitening Restoring Fluoride Whitening Rinse

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Works great


I love that this is a pre-rinse meaning you use it before you brush your teeth. That way you can also use whitening toothpaste and get double the whitening treatment. It has really made a difference in my smile. It also freshens breath and kills germs and bacteria.



Too foamy and bad aftertaste.


Listerine Whitening Restoring Fluoride Whitening Rinse is absolutely horrible. This whitening rinse foams up so much that I felt like my mouth was overflowing. Not only does it foam up so much, the taste is disgusting. I was so disappointed. I bought this because it had whitening and restoring properties both so I thought it would be a great all in one product. I'm not sure why it foams so much but it was a nasty feeling. I paid a lot for this rinse thinking I was getting a bargain because it was a two in one product , but I now feel like I wasted my money. I will not be able to use this because it just tastes and feels that awful. I was so surprised as this has always been such a solid and dependable brand. If it was suppose to taste like mint, they missed they mark as it was not even close or maybe the mint taste was covered up by the chemical taste. And to make it even worse, the rinse left a bad aftertaste in my mouth.

Toledo, OH


Listerine Whitening Restoring Fluoride Rinse


Listerine has not been my regular brand for many years for one reason or another I just didn't like it. Recently, I decided to try it again by purchasing Listerine Whitening Restoring Fluoride Rinse. I have to admit that i was skeptical, but as it turns out I really love it. I still don't like the taste of Listerine products, although this one isn't that bad. I did notice my teeth became whiter that they had been with my regular whitening mouthwash in a short time. What is really important to me, though, is the enamel restoring properties. My teeth actually look better and feel stronger than they have in the past. All in all, I can put up with the taste, for the noticeable benefits. Normally, I choose between Crest and Lavoris, but now my number 1 choice is Listerine Whitening Restoring Fluoride Rinse. I definitely recommend this product. It's reasonably priced and readily available.

Little Falls, NJ


Listerine Whitening plus Rinse Rocks


Getting older means you are probably having your teeth become more yellow. Several months ago I got a coupon with a good rebate offer for Listerine Whitening plus Restoring Fluoride Rinse. I decided to try it and got a bottle. It had a taste that reminded me of peroxide, but it was tolerable. I drink a lot of coffee and soft drinks, so I felt the need to use a whitening product. I don't know that I've been able to tell a difference in the whitening of my teeth, but I have gotten several side benefits. For some reason, I bite my bottom lip several times and month and this develops into a fairly large sore. When I used the Listerine rinse after getting once of these sores, it cleared it up a lot more quickly than normal. For me this was a big plus. Also, the water in Palm Bay, Florida have NO added fluoride. Dentists in Palm Bay have said there is a lot higher cavity rate in our city than in cites that fluoride the water. Having a rinse that has fluoride is a plus.

Palm Bay, FL


Listerine Whitening


I use this rinse daily and am quite pleased with the results.  I like the fact that it feels like it foams up and gets into all of the spaces between my teeth.  If I go several days without using it, I can see the stains start to build up on my teeth but after several days of use, my teeth lighten up again.  The effect is nothing like whitening strips but there is definitely a difference in using this rinse versus a non-whitening mouthwash.  I like to think that it is strengthening my enamel as that it what it says it does on the label but have no visible proof of that.  It does not have the best flavor in the world and leaves behind a rather bad taste in your mouth when you wake up after using it the night before, but I'll take that over having the stains on my teeth.  It is on the expensive side, but Listerine puts out coupons fairly frequently, so when they do, I stock up.  I will definitely continue to use this product on a daily basis.

Fort Smith, AR


It irritated my mouth


My mother swears by this stuff for whitening her teeth.  Aren't we all always looking for the miracle product that acutally whitens as it promises to do?  I figured if my mother swore by it, it was worth trying.  It is not inexpensive but frequently comes on sale so you could stock up when it does.  The product claims to whiten and strengthen.  I used it for several weeks and did not see any improvement in the whitening of my teeth and since you can't see if your teeth are stronger or not, who know what it did on that end.  Still a good fluoride rinse is a good thing right?  Well that would be true except that I found that this rinse made the skin inside of my mouth and cheeks peel and become sore and sensitive.  I have since given the bottle to my husband and he is happily using it in place of his regular listerine.  I don't think that it has whitened his teeth either but it is not causing his mouth to peel as mine did.  I would not buy this product again.

Thousand Oaks, CA


Listerine Whitening Restoring Fluoride Whitening Rinse

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