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Listerine Advanced Listerine Antiseptic with Tartar Protection Artic Mint

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Burns mouth, irritates gums, long terms does more damage


I am sorry to say I used Listerine for several years. Listerine Advanced Antiseptic with Tartar Protection says it protects against gingivitis and tartar and should be used once every 12 hours. I did and I put up with the burning sensation all inside the mouth and around the gums when swishing this thinking I was helping my health. Uhh, no. My dentist, and 2 other dentists for different family members all happened to advice against Listerine because they said it is very harsh on gums. I ignored the advice then last Fall the bottle ran out. And I kept forgetting to replace it. For about 2 weeks I went without Listerine. And i noticed a strange thing: my gums were pinker (less red) and they seemed firmer, and my mouth didn't feel as sore. And, wait for it: I actually had far less tartar. I stopped using Listerine. Now, it's just brushing, and flossing, and the occasional salt water rinse and I am far better for it. I will not return to Listerine and I hope the oral cancer cautions echoed by some dental professionals for those who use burning mouthwashes longterm, will not come to pass for me.

Boston, MA


Listerine Advanced Listerine Antiseptic with Tartar Protection Artic Mint

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