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Lisinopril Blood Pressure Medicine

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Improved my blood pressure


I have been using Lisinopril Blood Pressure Medicine for over a year, and have had wonderful results. My blood pressure was very high last year when I discovered I had a problem with my kidneys. I was right away given Lisinopril, and have been on it ever since. Lisinopril helped me get my blood pressure back in the normal range within a few months. It also has great benefits for my kidneys. It is an easy pill to take. It does not have any flavor. Also I have not experienced any bad side effects that were caused by Lisinopril. A great thing about Lisinopril is that it is also not expensive!



Lisinopril is not the best on the market.


I was on Lisinopril 20mg for several years but my blood pressure still was normal for me around 148/74, which is not the greatest while on medication.  Recently is was hospitalized for other reasons and my blood pressure went through the roof, 200/100.  My doctor doubled the Lisinopril to 40mg.  I started coughing all the time.  I sing at church and could not even trust myself to sing for fear of coughing.  My preacher coughs constantly while preaching, he told me that he is on Lisinopril and that is one of the side effects.  My daughter is also in Lisinopril and the coughing drives her crazy. I spoke with my doctor and he took me off Lisinopril and put me on Diovan 160mg with Metoprolo Succ Er 50mg.  Now I do not cough anymore and my blood pressures are staying about 127/74.  Alot better with this new medication. It may be the high dose I was taking, the 40mg, but I have told my preacher and my daughter to talk to their doctors. Also, many of you mentioned you take this at night.  Don't, you blood pressure drops at night naturally.  My doctor said you should take it in the morning, same time every day.

Monroe, GA


Had me coughing night and day.


Although the drug brought my blood pressure down to acceptable levels, it led to a constant cough that was so persistent I couldn't get a good night's sleep unless I slept sitting up. My doctor was not convinced that the coughing was due to the lisinopril and diagnosed everything from hiatal hernia to seasonal alleries. Nothing stopped the coughing until I stopped taking the lisinopril.

Greendale, WI


Lisinopril is an effective medication to reduce blood pressure.


Lisinopril (brand: Zestril or Prinivil) is an ACE inhibitor that works to reduce blood pressure.  It primarily works through the kidneys, so people with renal problems might not be able to take it.  For everyone else though, it works effectively and doesn't cause the lethargy common to beta-blockers (like metoprolol or atenolol). Both my mother and father have tried lisinopril with different degrees of success.  My mother experiences no side effects, while my father (who has since discontinued the medication) found the cough bothersome.  While it is true that lisinopril may produce dry cough, the cough can be tolerated by most (it is recommended to suck on sugarfree lozenges); but since my dad had a pre-existing cough, he found that the lisinopril aggravated it. The medication can be taken once a day or twice a day.  My mother takes it twice a day, without dizziness or nausea, and her blood pressure remains below 120/80 (though she also takes metoprolol in combination).  All in all, it helps and she has had no problems with it whatsoever.

Alameda, CA


in correct dose works well


I had to start useing LISINOPRIL when i was told by my dr that my high bloodpresure was causeing my one kidney to have problems also my heart was working overtime the walls were thickining and she said you have to get this under control. The medication she suggested was LISINOPRIL she said we have to protect that kidney  so i started with 5 mil a day after about 2 weeks the presure went up again so i was changed to 20 mli a day  things were fine untill last week after thiss past years changes the presure is bad again so now i take it at night just the same 20mg but at a diffrent time of the day it seems to be doing fine now i will keep you all updated as to how well i controls the high bloodpreasure. I really love the square boxes the pills are packaged in they have the days mon threw sunday which is good as i forgot to take it i looked at box and saw i had missed wednsday so i took it last night. A good drug so far

Davis, IL


Lisinopril Blood Pressure Medicine

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