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Liquid Wrench - White Lithium Grease

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Good for greasing large areas, leave details to tubes.


If you need to ad lithium grease to something you are better off buying it by the tube and putting it where you need it. This stuff would work good for long term storage of tools as it leaves a even sticky layer of grease on everything which when grabbed smears. For detail greasing of linkages and such you end up with more grease around the part your trying to grease than on the part trying to grease.


Chuckey, TN


A Lubricant that sprays on and dosen't run? Yeah Right!!!


    In my last review I told you how to bust up rust frozen nuts and bolts. Now I am going to tell you how to keep rust at bay on a multitude of things. There has been a spray lubricant around in one form or another for many years. Each had its purpose but when you spray it on it would run all over the place, not any more!    **What it is        **Liquid Wrench has been around since I was in high school and I have used their products for many years. Now they have a product that has me very impressed about their company. They have a white lithium grease in a spray form and it is fantastic! White lithium grease has been used for years to lubricate hinges, locks, cables and more. It was in a tube and sometimes hard to get where you needed it.    Enter the modern age.....a white lithium grease in spray form. White lithium grease does not run, freeze or melt. So it stays where you spray it and it also inhibits rust.     **Many uses    **White lithium grease is great for vehicle door hinges, hood and trunk hinges even hood latches. One day I went to open my truck hood and I could not release it. After I used my PB Blaster (see my review on PB Blaster) to free it up, I wiped it down and broke out my Liquid Wrench White Lithium Grease. I sprayed it on liberally while working it back and forth. After a minute or so it was free. I am the person your Mother warned you about....lol I don't drive around puddles of water, I drive straight through them.     That's what had my latch frozen, but I now have no problems with it freezing up any more. I started using this product last year and have had no more problems with my hood latch since. Why you ask? Well the Liquid Wrench White Lithium Grease that I sprayed on last year is still doing its job. I have run through puddles, had it through automatic car washes and it has stayed right where I put it.    I also sprayed my bicycle chain and gear derailleurs. I sprayed my cables for the derailleurs and the brake cables on the bike. I have also used it on my John Deere to lubricate the mower deck assembly and seat hinges. I have used it on the pump shaft on my pool pump, all my padlocks outside have a dose of it inside where the shackle goes. After I freed up my sliding glass door I gave the rollers a good spray of it.**    Bottom Line    **When you need a lubricant around your house you just can't beat the versatility of Liquid Wrench White Lithium Grease. It will keep working in the blazing heat of summer and the chilling cold of winter. It not only lubricates but it will also inhibit future rust. It stays where you put it and I for one am glad I found such a wonderful product!


Vincennes, IN


Liquid Wrench White Lithium Grease is a Great Lubricant


I have been a WD40 fan for many years and have used it regularly. I read about lithium grease in a magazine and it sounded like something that I needed to try. My garage doors are 40 years old and heavy. The rollers get to where thay make an ear piercing noise when I opened or closed the garage doors. I have tried every lubricant I could find to try to stop the squeaking but nothing worked for very long. I read that the Liquid Wrench lithium grease would not run so that sounded good to me. Well I bought me a can of the Liquid Wrench lithium grease and tried on my garage door rollers and the track. Boy what a surprise. The sqecking stopped almost completely. One thing is that the grease does not run but it is white and very visible so youj need to be careful where you use it and it is hard to get off the surface or atleast is was for me. I have had to use it twice on my garage over the past 3 years but boy what a difference it has mafde in the noise of the garage doors opening and closing. I would definitely recommend this product.


West Columbia, SC


Liquid Wrench - White Lithium Grease

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