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Lipton - Vanilla Caramel Truffle Tea

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A great cold weather Tea!


I actually received a box of the Lipton - Vanilla Caramel Truffle Tea from a neighbor that did not like the taste of it. I figured hey free tea I will take it and drink it. Don't know what she was thinking because this flavor is astonishing. This is great to sip out on the porch in cooler weather to keep you warm.



I was hooked from the first sip


I am not a coffee drinker, but have always loved the scents of the flavored coffees. So when Lipton brought out these teas, I had to try. It is a lightly sweet tea, very mild, but very tasty. Even if you are a coffee drinker, yet still love tea, this is a wonderful one if you like the vanilla coffees.

Shepherdsville, KY


I think it's great!


As a person who is a tea drinker, I am always buying teas in many variations, loose, bags, flavored, you get the idea.  When I first saw the Lipton-Vanilla Carmamen Truffle Tea, I had to try it.  I'm very glad I did.  This tea has a smooth taste to it.  You can even see the little pieces of carmel through the tea bag, which in itself has a kind of elegance to it.  I usually drink mine with milk and that just add more flavor to it.  All in all, a great tea!

Durham, NC


A bit of sweet


The name of this tea makes it sound like it will be very sweet. Anythng vanilla caramel is usually really sweet. This tea was a surprise. It is not as sweet as it sounds. It has just the right amount of sweet to the tea, no need to add sugar or milk or any other things you like in your tea. It ihas a great balance of tea and sweet.

Phoenix, AZ


Not as delicious as it sounds. :(


This tea isn't as good as the name sounds. I have tried it brewed hot and it wasn't as spectacular as the name portrays it to be! There really isn't a sweetness to it. Just a typical tea taste. An original Lipton pekoe tea bags has more flavor to it. I was really disappointed!

Soddy Daisy, TN


Tent Bags really do seem to make a difference


I use to be a huge coffee drinker.  I have since tried to switch out my coffee with tea.  I like tea, all kinds and didn't really think the tent tea bag would make a real difference.  I was wrong. With the tent tea bag you get a better flavor.  You can actually see bigger pieces of the herbs, fruit and other natural items in the tea. The Vanilla Caramel Truffle Lipton tea has a hint of sweetness with a calm bold flavor behind it.  It is a nice flavor that curbs my cravings.  If you are just a some times tea drinker and you don't like a whole lot you will like this one.  If you love tea, you will love this one.  Another bonus is that if you go to Lipton's website you can find coupons for this and other teas.  I have purchased this tea many times for nearly nothing.  I wait until they go on sale, use the coupon(s).  If you buy it without coupons or sale prices, the price is comparable to other teas. Enjoy!

Olympia, WA


Lipton - Vanilla Caramel Truffle Tea

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