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Lipton - Green Tea with Citrus to go

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Refreshing And Portable!


I fell in love with the bottled version of Lipton's Great Tea with Citrus but it can be extremely hard to find if you don't want to buy one of the twelve pack cases of it. Sometimes I don't have the room for the whole case and sometimes I can't carry it in the house or get it to my SUV. I saw the Singles To Go sleeves and wanted to try them to see if the taste would be the same and I was really surprised that it tasted exactly like the bottled version. This is a refreshing iced tea blend that you can get in regular or diet; I prefer the diet but if I can't find that and the store has the regular version I will drink it in moderation. The citrus part of it doesn't overwhelm the taste of the tea but it does give it a smooth taste. There are ten sleeves to a pack and one sleeve is enough for a standard size water bottle (16.9 ounces). This mixes easily with water and there's no grit or powder at the bottom. For me this is a space saver when I travel or when I am out of the house all day; all I have to do is grab a bottle of cold water, rip open the packet, dump it in, shake it and enjoy. I have had both the regular and diet version of this and like them both but if I have the choice between the two I will always go with the sugar free version. The green tea isn't bitter and is a little smoother than regular Lipton tea. It is easier than trying to brew my own but there's no real cost saving to buying these over getting the bottled version.



No tea taste.


I was very happy when I saw the Lipton - Green Tea with Citrus to go pouches. I figured that they would be perfect for me to take to work or keep a few in the glove box. When I mixed this tea up I did taste the citrus although there was really no tea flavor in it. I guess I was sacrificing taste for convenience.



Is there really tea in here?


The Lipton Green Tea with Citrus to go single drink mix packets have a great name - they sound wonderfully refreshing.  When I tried them however, that wasn't the case.  Oh, there's plenty of sweet and citrus, but where is the tea???  Was I supposed to buy a separate jar of instant tea to mix in, or what?  Maybe this product should have been better named, "Lipton Citrus on-the-go drink mix with natural tea coloring".  Maybe it's just me.  I usually drink plain (unsweetened) green or black tea.  But it seems to me more like a kool-aid type beverage than a tea.  If you like sweet and fruity, you'll like this.  If you want a bottle of tea, poke a teabag down the neck of a water bottle and wait fifteen minutes instead.

Sleepy Eye, MN


Fast and Delicoius


The Green Tea on the go was so fast and easy to add to water bottles. These are especially great for the bottles that are refilled from the tap and taste of chlorine. The Lipton Green Tea totally masks any chlorine taste. It is more expensive that other brands, but is unique in flavor. None of the other brands such as Crystal light or the store brands carry this exact flavor......and to top it all off it is healthy for you. The flavor is outstanding and it does not seem as if the flavor was lightened or reduced to save on calories. This is a great way to get in the extra 8 glasses of water to drink a day when it does not seem as if you're drinking water, more like a tasty treat.

Caldwell, TX


I expected better of Lipton


I like drinking bottled Lipton Green with citrus, so when I saw the green tea to go I was excited.  I figured it would be a convient to have more than one bottle of tea a day and say money too.  I don't usally drink the diet tea, but I have tried it and it was okay.  I brought this and couldn't wait to try it at home.  I put a packet in a 12 oz glass of water, stirred it until it was dissolved.  The only flavor I tasted was the taste of artificial sweetener.  There was little if any tea flavor or citrus.  I couldn't even drink the entire glass.  Needless to say, I was very disappointed.  I would suggest trying to get a sample packet to try before buying a box. 

Oklahoma City, OK


Lipton - Green Tea with Citrus to go

2.8 5