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Lipotropic Injections

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LIpotropic Injections works great for quick weight loss


I tried many diets in my past, but I ended up doing the combination of amino acids and vitamins that you go see your physcian and get weekly injections. Theses injections to seem to burn because they are oil based. So, try to find a physcian that uses lidocaine, which is a local, that helps make the more comfortable. The injections are tolerable, so don't be scared. Having a combination of a low calorie diet, is great.  The Dr. I saw stated he created his own combination of his own diet, as he has been helping people lose weight for so many years, he created a mixture of programs that work great. Dr. Caldron is great with doing this. It seems all of his patients including myself, seem to lose weight fast. I love this diet, it's easy and yet it works.    

Beverly Hills, CA


Lipotropic Injections

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