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Lipofuze Extreme Weight Loss Formula

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Good and Bad


I took an entire bottle (as directed...not all at once) so that I could give an accurate review of this product and not jump to any conclusions. First of all, you MUST take this correctly (30 minutes before eating with plenty of water) or you will feel sick. I took it correctly until the last couple of days and I can tell you that you will feel the difference. I don't know if it is a common side effect, but I did get a lot of gas pressure and bloating while using these pills. This was especially bad when the pills were taken after eating instead of before or if I didn't drink very much water with them. On the plus side, these pills DO curb your hunger! I actually had to remind myself to eat. I did lose weight (about 5lbs in the month) but when I stopped taking the pills, the weight came back. Effectiveness Very good at curbing hunger and giving you energy. Side Effects I was the most worried that these pills would make me jittery. They did not. However, the bloating was a huge negative for me.

Hendersonville, NC


Lipofuze provides hunger control without the jitters


Lipofuze provides appetite control throughout the day.  I would recommend taking it as suggested, ie: morning and noon.  If taken too late in the day, you may stay awake later than desired.  I would take it only as a supplement to a planned diet.  I would say it provides willpower more than "weight loss", but I would say this about most weight control products.    Overall, I give it a high rating because I am a coffee drinker and can take this product at the same time with no undesired "hyper" tendencies and I feel it has helped in my battle with weight control.

Roseburg, OR


Lipzfuze diet pills did not work at all


The lipofuze diet pills was not the most significant purchase that i have ever made in my life. Thinking that i would recieve i life changing result, i was completely fooled. I have made many research efforts for the lipofuze diet pills regarding to the results and how it changed other customer lives and my impression was that it would be the most suitable product for me.The reviews of customers made excited and eager to by the lipofuze diet pills. When i purchased the lipofuze diet pills, i followed all the diretions, step by step located on the box. I was on the lipofuze diet pills for a little over a month.   While taking the lipofuze diet pills i maintained a very healthy diet eating portions of foods, and even purchased a healthy eating book. i exercized regularly. I did cardio for abot 30-40 minutes and yoga/ pilates for about 45 minutes per day. The only reason i realized i did loose a little weight about 10 lbs was because of my exercising and dieting. Luckily there was a money back garauntee.

Milwaukee, WI


Lipofuze Extreme Weight Loss Formula

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