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Linon Luxor Folding Bed With Memory Foam


Folding Bed With Memory Foam Provides A Space-Saving Luxury

The Luxor folding bed with memory foam goes against the stereotypes that typically surround such beds. While many folding beds are believed to be flimsy and uncomfortable, this bed is nothing of the sort. Anyone who has the good fortune to use it will enjoy a well-deserved night of sleep thanks to its thick and supportive memory foam mattress. It folds out within seconds, and when you're through with it, it folds back up to be stowed conveniently in a closet or trunk. The portability also makes it ideal for portable applications. Take it with you when camping or visiting relatives. It's also a great way to avoid paying for an extra hotel room while on vacation.

Besides being comfortable and easy to use, the folding bed with memory foam is also durable. The frame is made from sturdy metal that resists bending and warping, which allows it to handle a variety of weights. It also features four swiveling castors that let you move it around easily while in its folded state. Sturdy solid wood slats form the support structure for the mattress.

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Great for Overnight Guests


My husband and I purchased this stow away bed when we began having more people stay the night such as friends who may have had too much fun at game night and could not drive home. It was nicer to give them somewhere to sleep that did not take up our couch. This bed was fairly quick and easy to assemble. It is lightweight and very simple to move about the house from room to room wherever it is needed. It is also great for use during a sleep over with my kids by putting it in their rooms' for a friend to sleep on. The bottom has castors to easily roll when folded up but when unfolded the legs keep it in one place without fear of it being unstable. I was afraid the mattress would become deformed or uncomfortable in the middle where constantly folded in half while storing when not in use but no complaints so far. It is also light enough to carry between me and my husband when relocating to another floor of our home.



Not durable but good


The main reason of purchasing this Linon Luxor Folding Bed With Memory Foam two years ago was that it was mobile and could be easily folded and moved to any corner of the house without any problem. The bed was light in weight and since it had casters, it was easy to shift it from place to place. The mattress that comes with the bed was not comfortable though and so I replaced it with another one I had purchased. The steel frame was quite good but could only support one person at a time. I was able to fold this bed easily and I used to take it while going on a vacation trip and it was quite handy. The price of this product was quite reasonable but these beds do not last for more than a year. I gave it away after a year when the bottom part cracked and replaced it with another folding bed. The life of these beds are only a year or a year and a half as the frame gives way after which they need to get replaced.



Linon Luxor Folding Bed With Memory Foam


I was looking for a portable bed that was sturdy, that would hold up well, and that would also be comfortable. I know, it sounds like I was looking for the impossible. I was surprised when I discovered the Linon Luxor Folding Bed With Memory Foam mattress. The frame of this portable bed unit is very sturdy. I have used this fold away bed in my home for guests. I have also taken it with me on camping trips. Another place I have taken it is when I visit friends and relatives. it is like having a portable hotel bed. The memory foam mattress holds up very well. I have not noticed any breakdown of the mattress during all the moving and folding of the bed. Anyone who has slept on it has told me they have never had as good of a night's sleep as they did on that fold away bed. None of the metal framing is felt when I lay on it. I have even taken a few naps on it and have been very pleased. The swivel castors work very well.

Hermiston, OR


Linon Luxor Folding Bed With Memory Foam

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