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Linksys Network Magic

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Very satisfied with product and would recommend.


I recently replaced my old Lynksys wmp54G with a Lynksys Network  Magic WMP120N. We had our previous Lynksys  about 5 or 6 years and had no problems with it until recently..  The WMP120n was much easier to install, and it is faster than the old one.  I purchased the basic package of Network Magic as I didn't feel I needed the extra services they had to offer.   Thought I would wait for a little while and see if I actually needed it the extras.   With the basic package you do not have technical help, but if you need it, it can always be purchased  later.  We have 2 computers and a lap top that are connected to the system and we have our internet service thru to Time Warner cable. I am pleased with with brand and would recommend it to others.  I am not real knowlegable with computers, but am satisfified with the way this system is working. I didn't feel I would need the upgrade of the basic plan since we are using these computers in our home, and do not need a more sophificated system.      


San Diego, CA


Linksys Network Magic

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