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Linksys WRT54G-TM

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My wireless linksys


I am on my second wireless system of linksys. My first one lasted for about 4 years, Not bad it did what it was to do. Toward the end of the time I had to keep pulling out the power and letting it reset after 10 seconds. My next Linksys is what I am using now. It was bought because it was cheap on Ebay. I have had it for 2 years and it is working fine.

Greensburg, PA


Robust performance


This wrt54g-TM wireless router is simply a robust performer. I Upgraded to this router from a D-Link one and all I have to say is I should have done it a lot earlier. The D-link router used to drop connection and just freeze many times. I had to often reset the router several times a week and simply got tired of it. At one point T-mobile had this router on sale so I jumped on the deal and I'm glad I did. I never used it for @home service so I relfashed this puppy with DDWRT Mega version since it has a lot of internal memory and started using it inplace of the D-link one. Since I did the upgrade I never lost a connection and now after about a year or so still did not have to reset or reboot the router. A huge difference. the DDWRT firmware is simply fabulous. Lots of settings and i was able to configure it as I wanted and had no problem doing that. I even got the option to increase the power of this puppy which resulted in higher quality connections throughout my house. This router could even handle asterisk installation which allows me to use it with Google voice and ATA to receieve and place unlimited free long distance calls using GV without the need to log in to the website or have a Piaf/asterisk server running.

Toledo, OH


Linksys WRT54G-TM

5.0 2