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Linksys Wireless Router

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Not completely happy with my Linksys WRT54GS2 Wireless Router,


Bought this router a little over a year ago, and used it for a few months. Was not using it for a while, but when I connected it again, found it quit working all together Performance Not reliable, it stopped functioning after very little use Durability it quit working Setup & Ease of Use Easy to set up and use in the beginning

Harrison, OH


Excellent product and tech support


Decent for a small home. Tech support is phenomenal. Performance Distance is not so good, but i really have nothing to compare it to. Second floor fluctuates from zero to 2 bars. Durability Have no problems with it. Setup & Ease of Use It can be difficult sometimes to set up, but the tech support is so very helpful it almost does not matter.



Difficult set up but great once you figure it out.


After buying this router I tried setting it up myself, I'm not the most technologically advanced person but I can usually figure things out. After a couple hours of following the directions and having to restart several times I called the support line, the man was very helpful and ended up setting it up for me through my computer. After the headache of setting it up it worked wonderfully, I've had no problems since I bought it except having to reset it occasionally. Overall it was a good price and I'm happy with it.

Houston, TX


linksys wrt54gs2 wireless router is great


it is a great router it is easy to set up and pick up on. i have had mine for over a year and like it. my computer is upstairs and i use it to pick up on my netbook on lower floor. ialso carry my netbook outside to use. also picks up at my daughters afew blocks away.

Eaton, IN


Works sometimes


I have had this router for quite awhile now. It works most of the time but I would say that I have to restart it at least once a week, which is very annoying. It tends to lag a little and the restarts help a little. When this router is working, it performs on average. Speed and range and decent for the class, nothing great, but not bad either. At this point in the wireless game, I would definently recommend going for a wireless N router as they can be gotten for resonable prices and give much better performance and range over this models G class. I am currently looking for a good deal on a N router to replace this Linksys with so I can increase my wireless network capabilities. Linksys is a good brand and their N routers should be no different.

East Aurora, NY


3computers one satellite!


I run three computers and and an Xbox 360 live off this router! I home school my children and my college daughter can even run her laptop from this router! Makes the best of my internet use for those purposes. I am no longer last in line for my computer with this router each person has their own computer to get their work done. I also like the anti-virus protection offered if one computer got a virus it wont spread to my other units through the router. I also like not having an antenna the router is nearly invisable on my desk. Yet it is valuable every day. I don't know how I got along with out this awesome part of my home computer / internet system. I have not tried any of the other Linksys Routers because I have had mine for quite some time working with no problems but if I ever need another I would buy a Linksys! i would recommend it to all of my friends I love my absolutely wonderful** Linksys WRT54GS2 Wireless Router!**

Myrtle Point, OR


Linksys WRT54Gs2 Router Works great!


I've had this routter for approximately 6 months and love it. I haven't had any problems with the internet turning off or having to reset. I recommend. The customer service center helps with the set up.

Woodland, WA




I purchased this wireless router when I bought myself a new laptop because I decided that since my laptop had wi fi that I should just get a router to go with it. This router is the worst router that I have ever came in contact with. Wireless is wireless for a reason so that you don't have to stay in one spot in order for your wireless to work. Well this thing only works in certain spots of my house and it will turn off by itself. I am better off just sitting right next to the router so that I do not lose my signal. I am very unhappy with this router. On a good note it was very easy to set up when I did actually set it up. I think that worked properly for about the first week and then after that I have had nothing but problems with it. I called the customer service for it and they did me no good but give me an attitude. This is the last time I will by something from this company because not only does it not work but the customer service is horrible!!

Whittier, CA


Routing my Life!


The range is really good!  My son uses his wii wifi connection upstairs and I use the mac downstairs and outside with no problems..  In fact, my neighbors across the street can log on to my network. Its funny..  We have never had a problem with this router.  I a so pleased.  I once had net gear and my signal dropped all the time and I had to constantly reset.  Very annoying and time consuming.  This router is great l once-lost power and when it returned I didn't have to do anything to the router.  Its pretty much plug in and forget about it.  I love the no hassled maintenance. Because its so slender it hides very nicely.  I love that it does not have a bulky antenna sticking up anywhere. Makes for easy storing, you can just slide it on a shelf.  Also customer service at Linksys is great.  I had to call for set up and they were friendly and walked me through step by step through set up. Turns out it was really easy.  I expected it to be hard because of net gear experience.

Jacksonville, NC


Hasn't caused me any problems


My dad is the computer wiz in the family so he set me up with my wireless router. We have a 3000 sf house and have not had any problems with connections in the house. Our router sits on the far end of  the house. The kids are able to connect in the basement with the WII, my son on the second floor with his playstation, I with my ipod and my hubby on the other end of the house with the lap top. We've had guests over with their laptop and the never had a problem connecting to our wireless (of course they needed the password and then it was fine.) The only thing I didn't know was when one time my computer was down due to comast service I had pushed the reset buttons on everything to see if I could internet working myself (hadn't known it was Comcast service at the time) it then wipes out all your info and you have to program everything back in again. Now maybe the everyday other person would know that but I'm pretty clueless to computers. It was an easy process though reloading the info. I figure if I can do it anyone can.

Weare, NH


Linksys Wireless Router

3.9 14