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Linksys Wireless N Broadband Router

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Linkys is the best router there is.


                                        **Linkys Wireless-N Broadband Router**      The Linkys Wireless-N Broadband Router, is the best out there. It is very easy to use. And it is easy to install and hook-up. The setup disk gives step by step instructions. There is also a quick installation guide with the router.    The one time we had to call customer service they were very helpful. We had misplaced our router wpa/wep key which is a least 16 characters long for security reasons, so no one can just get on the Internet thru your connection. The person we spoke with was very pleasant and helpful.    We have a total of three computers hooked up to the Linkys we use data cable to hook them up. My husband has a laptop and he can even get online with the Linkys.  

Shirley, NY


This broadband wireless n linksys router is always connected!


Ever since i bought this linksys wireless n router i have always been connected!  I have a wireless n in my laptop so i can take advantage of fast connections and longer ranges.  It was more expensive that other routers out the but it works great.  I do not use an encryption in my network so i can connect any device easy without issue.  I do internet online multiplayer gaming on both my computer and my playstation three.  I have found that other wireless broadband routers sometimes cause lags while i am playing.  Not with this router though, i feel like i have the edge on my opponents knowing that this router is extremely fast and never looses a connection.  I have also had other routers where you frequently have to reset them to get your connection back.  I have never had to do that with this router.  For these reasons i recommend this router to anyone in the market for a wireless router.  It is one of a kind!

Ada, MI


Linksys keeps us communicating


We purchased our first Linksys router over a year ago and it worked just fine - it even survived two of our moves - getting hooked up and re-hooked up. Then after we bought two new laptops with Windows Vista, things went south. I called technical support and although it took some troubleshooting on my own, the technical support people were patient and worked with me. After my third call, they determined it was faulty equipment and send us a new router. It was the upgraded version of the one we owned. The new router was shipped quickly and was fairly easy to install, although it did help to have some tech knowledge. I give this router above average because although we had to have a replacement, the people at Linksys made this transaction less painful than I thought it was going to be. Day-in and day-out we are happy with the product. We have 5 wireless devices networked with this router and so I give it an "A".

Orlando, FL


Linksys Wireless N Broadband Router

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