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Linksys Router

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It's ok


Well this router is ok. It worked good for a while but now it doesn't wanna turn on unless I unplug it and then plug it back in which is kinda strange I think. Maybe I just got a faulty device. Or maybe it just has to warm up because this only happens when I first turn it on in the morning. If I have the internet on for a while but the router is off and then I turn it on it doesn't have this issue. When it's cold sometimes it doesn't turn on at all even after unplugging it and re-plugging it back in! It can be prustrating. Price is ok though so maybe this is to be expected but I'm thinking about going back out and getting a new one. This router is past the return date as well so maybe it's about time. I'll stick around to see other reviews because like I said earlier in my review I think it's possible it's just my device. Over all I would say I'm satisfied with this product even though it doesn't work like new and has it's kinks.

Anderson, SC


Linksys Router

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