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Linksys Rangeplus Router

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linksys wrt100 great for use with wireless gaming


We bought the Lyksys Wrt100 rangeplus Wireless Router to use with are cable modem. Are home CPU is wired in and we use the router to run the Laptop and X-Box 360.It was recommendedby a sells man. It was easy to install and came with a disk that took use step by step through the hook-up. It also had software that stops others from using are wireless signal.This is a must or you'll run slower. The signal is very strong and we us all three systems at once with good signal strength. It has a small size and two antennas. Black and easy to see lights on the front so that you can see what is running. It also has a small reset button on the back so that you can reset to reinstall the system if you have too. This is nice, my computer had to be scrubbed and I had to use this feature. When I first looked into a router I bought a cheaper version and ended spending more money to buy the Lyksys system and have had no trouble with compatibility with my modem since. I highly recommend.

Saint Joseph, MO


WRT100 rangeplus has exeptional speed with an easy setup.


There don't really seem to be any issues with this router. I've owned the wrt100 rangeplus wireless router for about 2 years now and it has always worked flawlessly across 3 different ISPs.   Out of the box, it is simple to get up and running with the default settings... plug and play if you will...   Once you have everything plugged in, and you decide to setup some security, you'll be happy to find out the setup is very intuitive and everything is very easy to access. I easily setup port forwarding and DMZ in about 2 minutes. I also haven't experienced any browser compatibility issues with the setup utility which seems fairly common with routers. I have had to access the router using IE7 and 8, FF2, 3, and 3.5, safari, and was even able to access everything from perfect browser using an iphone.   This router is also surprisingly fast wirelessly. I do alot of large file transfers up to and down from a file server I own at another location and with this router, I am able to upload at around 2.5 megabits per second and download at around 14 megabits per second pretty consistantly using a wireless connection. I can also do these transfers from the parking lot in front of my apt so if I'm in a hurry I don't even need to go inside. That's about as far as I've tested the range on it, but most people will never need to go that far with a wireless router.... It's probably about 150 feet away.   Overall, this router is easy to use, very reliable, very fast and a great buy for the price.

Scottsdale, AZ


Linksys Rangeplus Router

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