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Linksys EtherFast 5-Port Ethernet Switch

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I had a lot of trouble with this router.


I bought this once. Exchanged it once. I then threw it away and bought a different router. Everytime the power would flicker or go out, it would burn out the cable. The people at the store stated that it was probably one of the ports that was not working. I exchanged it, the same problem occured. Then, I bought a backup battery, still messed up. I replaced the cable 4 times when I had this router. When it was working, it worked well.

Sarasota, FL


I had nothing but trouble with this one


Once this router was hooked up the trouble began.  I could never get online, my roommate could.  It made no sense.  After a month and a half of us trying literally everything (contacting every support out there in www), we called in the geek squad.  They identified the problem and told me that they take more Lynksys out of homes than any other router.  Just felt like passing this on.

Merritt Island, FL


Linksys EtherFast 5-Port Ethernet Switch

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