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Linksys (E2500) 4-Port Ethernet Switch

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I am connected to the world, without wires!


We were in the market for another router. Nine months prior made a purchase, just a storm came rolling in an knocked out the power. For some reason our wired Desktops still worked through the router, our wireless wouldn't. So bye, bye to that company back to the brand we had for over 10 years. Welcome back into our home Linksys the E2500 Advanced router. A trusted name around here, lasted a long time. Needed one also to keep up with the times, you know those wireless gadgets. Performance The performance has been good, just what I expected having been familiar with Linksys for years. Linksys E2500 Advanced router is doing the job, and keeping us connected wired and wireless. Durability I have the confidence in Linksys E2500 Advanced to be durable, just as the last one we had. Setup & Ease of Use Easy to follow instructions, set-up was pretty straight forward. Service & Support Haven't had to use service or support, prior use of this service was fantastic. So I expect the same in the future if need be.

Somewhere in Time, MI


Linksys (E2500) 4-Port Ethernet Switch

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