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Linksys Broadband Router

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No security & Poor support


Worked OK until the security quit working and found out neighbors were accessing my network without a password. I called tech support and was told it happens when the drivers get a year old without warning. She told me she would have to CHARGE me for support and tried to sell me a new router at a rediculous price as an alternative. She then tried to sell me higher priced units (Obviously on comission) giving me the hard sell. I solved the security problem by removing the antennas and only using my PC very close to the router for now. I WILL NOT buy another Linksys router!!! If you try to find Linksys drivers on line, they send you to pay sites that will get you to download all kinds of sneaky crap making you think you will get free drivers.

Rockford, IL


Wireless Internet


     Wireless Internet is all produced by a Router. Linksys is one the best Internet router out their. Linksys will satisfiy your need of wireless internet. Its easy and simple to setup anywhere anytime. Linksys provides wireless internet to any of the following cell phones,Psp,Iphone,Xbox360,Ps3,Nintendo Ds,Laptops, any handheld device that could receive wireless internet. You could even provide your wireless internet a password, so like that you could only provide wireless internet to anybody you want not just any random person could get close to your router and get connected to your wireless internet. you will even see a difference in your search engines results because with your wireless internet you could go even further with your searches and results. Many of my friends always comem around my house just to get connected to my wireless internet so they have to ask me for the password every once and then.

Santa Ana, CA


Linksys Broadband Router

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