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Linden Street
Linden Street Quick Dri Bath Towels

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Soft beautiful towels, but the lint is overwhelming


Soft, beautiful towels. The linting is insane. I have washed them several times and the linting never stops. This stuff is everywhere. I have never owned towels that lint this much. I wish I would have bought a different brand.

Augusta, GA


Quick Dri towels are good for workouts


When I first read about these Quick Dri towels, I knew they would be great for working out at the gym. I purchased a small towel to use during my workout and a regular sized bath towel to use after I shower at the gym. The towels are advertised to dry you off about 33% more quickly and I think that it's true. The water absorbs quickly into the towel and you don't have to wipe yourself several times just to get dry. These are great for the gym because you just want to shower quickly and dry quickly after a workout so that you can hurry up and get home. The Linden Street towels are not that thick, but they are still soft. They're lightweight and super absorbant. My only complaint is that the towels do shed a lot of lint at first, but online descriptions of the towel do warn you of this side effect, so it's not a big deal. The lint does go away eventually after a few washes. However, when I'm home, I still prefer to buy thicker, more plush towels. I just like the look and feel of them more even if they don't dry me off as fast.

Ontario, CA


Love em or Hate em


I received these towels from my mother because they hated them so much.  My dad felt like he could never get dry with these.  I liked the idea of them being quick dry because I felt like all of our old towels had a musty mildewy smell to them.  The result of my kids leaving them crumpled on the floor probably.  When I tried them, I loved them.  They did a nice job drying me and drying quickly.  I do not notice too much of a difference in drying time in the dryer though so if you are buying them to save on electricity then I would pass.  With all that being said, I asked for more towels in dark brown for Christmas.  I washed them and lint was falling off everywhere.  When I dried them I had to clean the lint trap half way through the cycle and it was already 1 1/2" thick then again at the end of the cycle.  When I took them out they still had a lot of lint on them so I washed and dried them again.  This time my dryer stopped 15 min into the cycle.  My husband swears these towels broke our dryer.  I hung them up and tons of lint was still falling off them.  I washed them 2 more times and took them to the laundromat to wash and dry a final time so I wouldn't break our new to us dryer.  They finally seem to be ok to try.  I probably wouldn't waste my time with them if I could start all over again

Ozark, MO


Linden Street Quick Dri towels do the job of a heavy weight one


I had been searching for the perfect bath towel for a few months when I stumbled across the Linden Street quick dri towel.  The first thing that caught my eye was the variety of colors it was available in. Our bathroom is a dark green so we knew we wanted a soft neutral color.  We chose the soft cream color.  Over the past year the color has definitely faded a bit, but it is constantly being washed (we only have 4 towels for 2 people).  Speaking of being washed, unlike other towels, this one really is quick dri! Since it's quick dri you would think the light weightedness of it would make it get soaked quick and be really heavy but you will be amazed at how much water this towel holds, as well as how well it dries. I use mine to dry off every day and then I use is to turbi-twist my hair while I'm putting on my makeup (it holds it shape really nice too, and since it's lightweight it's not constantly having to be readjusted on my head while I'm applying makeup). Overall, I'm really happy with everything about the towel (price, quality, dry time, colors available), I would just have picked a darker color as I feel the soft cream got dingy much quicker than other colors would have.

Strongsville, OH


Beautiful towels that work great!


I purchased the Linden Street Quick Dri towels about a year ago.  I wanted to brighten my bathroom up, and I immediately fell in love with the Arona Blue color.  I really loved that I could buy the solid color blue, and also get white towels with the same Arona blue stripe in them as well.  They were just what I had been looking for. They were also very soft.  Most towels I had purchased in the past, had been nice and plush at first, but within a few washings, they became hard and course.  But the Linden Street towels remained soft even after several washings, and now, a year later, they are still amazingly soft and have kept their beautiful color. The best thing about these towels though is that they soak up a lot of water.  Being so lightweight, I was a little skeptical that they would hold much water, but I was pleasantly surprised.  They are super absorbant.  I can wrap the towel around my wet hair for just a minute and it has already stopped dripping.  I love these towels and would recommend them as a gift or to buy for yourself. 

Bellevue, NE


Linden Street Quick Dri Bath Towels

3.8 5