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Lightlife Smart Strips

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Not my favorite meat substitute, but decent


I find that these strips are saltier and slightly more rubbery than some other brands of steak substitute that I've tried. Still they are better than eating actual meat. You can make some great dishes with them, I just wouldn't recommend adding any additional salt.



Great Veggie Meal Starter


If you love the taste of meat but are trying to eat healthy or you are a vegetarian who needs a little protein LightLife Smart Strips are the perfect meal starter.  These are a vegetarian solution to chicken caesar salads, meat lasagna, steak fajitas and chicken stir frys because they are meatless but have the texture of real meat.  These strips are fully cooked so they can be enjoyed warm or cold and come in a few savory varieties.  I love the savory chickn in a caesar salad, but they also have steak, lemon pepper, and chickn cutlets fillets.  I love the texture of these smart strips because they are very light and moist and not dry and chewy.  The Smart Strips are about 80 calories per serving, the chickn tenders are about 150 calories, and the fillets are about 160 calories with less than 7 grams of fat per serving.  Each of the Smart Strips varieties come in a small box and can be expensive but are a great solution for a quick meal with little prep and a great vegetarian meal starter. 

Las Vegas, NV


I cannot believe it's not meat!


On our (husband and I) journey towards a complete vegetarian diet, I stumbled upon this product.  The package looked small and the price a bit high, but there wasn't much in the ways of a vegetarian selection at the store that I was shopping at.  SO I decided to bite. I took it home and made it with lo mein noodles and did up a "vegetarian" stirfry: The smartstrips (beef flavor this time)Fresh Broccoli Fresh CarrotsFresh Snow PeasFresh Chinese Lo Mein NoodlesTeriyaki and Soy Sauces OH MY!  The dish was DELISH!!  Then entire meal only had 14g of fat and super low on the calories!  The smartstrips had almost a meat texture when I bit into them.  The taste was out of this world.  I couldn't believe it!  Now, I use the smartstrips in anything that calls for beef or chicken.  They come slightly seasoned, but in the dishes that I create, it just adds to the flavor of the dishes.  They are great for anything.  

Saint Louis, MO


Lightlife Smart Strips

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