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Lifestyler 7.0 Treadmill

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The "Lifestyler is a Great Machine


This is a wonderful exercise machine. It has some great features that help you train and work yourself up to a harder level, depending on your heart rate. It shows calorie count and also how many fat calories burned. I've been using my "lifestyler" treadmill for several months now and really like the ability to not have to go jogging or walking in the bitter cold. Because this particular model is a trainer, I have worked my way up to a faster pace within just a couple of weeks. I started out at a walking pace at about 3 miles an hour and have worked myself up to 4.3 miles per hour. I have already recommended this treadmill to my mother and some of my friends because since having mine and noticing an improvement in my stamina, I think more people should be *treadmilling.* Is that even a word? LOL The only con I have about it is it is a bit loud when running it, but other than that, it is great! Four stars.

Anderson, SC


I really enjoy my Lifestyle 7.0 treadmill


I live in the country and it was realyy hard for me to get out and walk with any amount of enthusiasm and my weight was beginning to bother me so a friend of mine suggested a treadmill might just be the ticket I was looking for. A woman I clean house for had a nearly new Lifestyle 7.0 in her garage collecting dust and cobwebs , so I asked her if she would like to part with it and she laughed and said," Honey you can have it"  You see, she had even less enthusiasm than i did about walking into shape. I am just ecstatic about it because I can place my Bible or any other reading material on it and read and walk and not worry about falling or anything , so I am multitasking and enjoying every pound I lose!

Clinton, AR


Lifestyler 7.0 Treadmill

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