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LifeGear Kathy Ireland Fitness Bike

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This is great on my back and really gets my heart rate going.


I had belonged to 24-Hour Fitness, where exercise equipment is top notch, when I lived in California, and I didn't want to have to resign myself to using equipment that wasn't as good in my home gym in Michigan. The stationary bike I ended up with at home was a gift, but it's exactly what I would have picked if I had bought it. I had two big concerns with a stationary bike: that 1) it is comfortable and 2) the pedals move smoothly. I have a bad back. I learned when I belonged to a gym, no matter how high priced, most stationary bikes make my back hurt. The best kind for me is called "reclining." This bike I have for my home gym is reclining. It has a high backrest that reclines so I don't sit straight up. Particularly useful for someone with lots of aches and pains, this bike sits low to the ground so there is no getting up on it and getting situated. It couldn't be more comfortable. I was also concerned about jerky pedaling, which I had experienced in the past with store-bought for-the-home stationary bikes. You get no benefit from "exercise" like that. This bike's pedaling is as smooth as the very high-end bikes I used at 24-Hour Fitness. So I'm happy with this equipment, but potential users might want to know this, too. This bike is several years old and is still like new. My parents bought it for themselves about 10 years ago. When I moved to Michigan in 2005, they gave it to me. I use it every morning.

Romeo, MI


LifeGear Kathy Ireland Fitness Bike

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