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Life Products
Life Products REJUVENATE Floor restorer & protectant

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The worst product I have ever used


If you are thinking of buying this product DONT. We followed the directionsto the the letter when we preped and did the application of rejuvinate. it went on in streaks and no matter what we did it was still streaky and looked terrible. It felt sticky and dirty under foot. I spent 5 hours on a Saturday with a pail of hot water , amonia and some dish soap and a scraper takong it off. If there was a star less than1 that is what I would have used. Save your self the disappointment and frustration,and hardwork. I would never recommend this product to anyone.



Made an aweful mess of my nice hardwood floor. All streaky!!


Did a terrible job, patchy and left buildup all over the place, and very noticable streaks everywhere, especially when the light catches it. It didn't say how much surface area a single bottle would cover, and of course I didn't have enough to finish, and tried to make do with what I had, finishing up the last remaining area with what was left on the brush pad. Bad mistake, since it starts to get tacky very quickly when you're applying it, and made an aweful, streaky/smudgy mess of that last area (in addition to the streaks everywhere else). Some parts look good, but only if you apply it perfectly evenly, and quickly before it gets tacky. It also didn't tell you that you need to apply it with the grain, or it will look aweful. I'm not a painter, so this would have been helpful. Now I can see every stroke in the light, and the buildup spots at the end of each stroke. Looks like wax buildup. Also, if you get any on surfaces that you didn't intend, it shows up as shiny streaks, that you will have to work on to remove - it's almost like a polyurethane coating that I used rubbing alcohol and a lot of heavy rubbing to remove). Guess I need to redo the whole floor with a bigger bottle, and put on a heavier coat, much more quickly, and freely before it gets tacky, and becomes a smudgy mess. Result is that it looks way worse than before, is shiny & smudgy and shows every streak, and brushstroke. Now that I think about it, I'm also looking forward to the months to come, when the high traffic areas will begin to wear through, leaving shiny areas with dull scuffed areas where it wears through. Why did I do this? Ugh!!!

San Diego, CA


My apartment floors look great!


**WOW!** **So my sister gave me this box about 1 year ago. There were two options 1) Throw away or 2) Just try it. So today when I came home from work, I looked at my floors and the scratches from the kids and said....Just do the darn thing!** **I live in an apartment and the floors were nice and shiney 10 years ago and to have them come and do them again is too much energy. Yes a lot less energy then what I used today, but its okay. LOLOLOLOL!** **I started with one room and just got carried away. I am daring the kids to walk around with shoes on. :)** **I posted a before and after picture.**

Westbury, NY


My hardwood floors look great


I am a single mom and have pets and 3 kids so my floors are battered everyday with their instoppable motions. I have scatches , tears,stains etc. and was sceptical at first to spend my hard earned money on this product. I did howver give it a try since i called first and they had the return policy. Anyway, I tried it and loved it. It worked just like on the ad. Those scuff and stains ....gone. and the shine, to die for. It took like 30 minutes to get done.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Life Products REJUVENATE Floor restorer & protectant

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