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Life Fitness
Life Fitness Elliptical

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great machine


love this machine for my post workout cardio. It really has a great quality to its motion and look. It has a great LCD display touch screen that feeds you lots of great information, heart rate monitors on both the moving and non moving handles, and gives you a large range of motion. Previous life fitness models had major issues with being too stiff in thier movements and being uncomfortable,.... that has completely changed on this model. It has a great range of motion and is not too stiff, very easy on the joints and even comfortable after a day of heavy squatting. I have used a lot of elliptical trainers over the years and this one is by far the best i have used. It also has a "personal trainer" mode that allows you to record your information on a usb drive and acess it online to compare your previous records and see your improvements. A very useful tool. It also includes a direct headset hookup and an ipod connection. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 

Altamonte Springs, FL


Life Fitness Elliptical

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