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Life Fitness
Life Fitness Dual Pulley Pull Down Machine

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The dual pulleys help isolate muscles for symetrical workouts.


The **Life Fitness Dual Pulley Pull Down Machine** incorporates a unique dual pulley design that allows you to work your biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, or a combination of them all in the same exercise.  The machine is different from traditional (single pulley) pull down machines in that it isolates the left and right side and almost auto-corrects form. The **Life Fitness Dual Pulley Pull Down Machine **has two weight stacks that help with the consistency of motion.  The resistance feels greater, because your motion and form are essentially corrected for you.  For athletes and power/strength seekers, the separate stacks are an added benefit, because they're designed for high-speed movements. The **Life Fitness Dual Pulley Pull Down Machine** is capable of providing over 200 exercises and have 20 vertical adjustment positions.  it's versatility makes the **Dual Pulley Machine** versatile for users of all shapes, sizes and strengths. The **Life Fitness Dual Pulley **system uses independent pulleys ensure you train muscles symmetrically, one side of the body doesn't outgrow or out-develop the other.  When one arm is stronger than the other, for example, the extensions on single pulley machines can tilt or favor the stronger arm.  Having two pulleys, each arm gets an equivalent workout.If you aren't used to the *dual pulley* system, this **Life Fitness machine **will give you a greater workout than you're used to.  Do yourself a favor and start with lighter weights as you get a feel for it.

Dayton, OH


Life Fitness Dual Pulley Pull Down Machine

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