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Life Fitness
Life Fitness Club Series CST Treadmill


The next generation of the most popular cardio equipment in fitness facilities refined for your home, Club Series delivers unmatched durability through a combination of exclusive features, like our patented FlexDesk Shock Absorption System, and the rigorous testing performed by our reliability engineers.  This treadmill also offers a refreshed, non-intimidating console with more options for the personalized entertainment, which helps exercisers complete more enjoyable workouts.

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Sturdy but buttons are hard to push


My gym has about 15 of these, and I've probably used all of them over the months since they got them. PROS: As far as comfort, this is a very comfortable treadmill. If I run enough miles on a cheap treadmill, my Achilles and knees ache. However, there is more to a solid machine. The speed eases up smoothly and sensibly. It never jerks. Similarly, the incline is never abrupt. Very nice feature. The heart rate monitor, the one on the handle bar, is sometimes inaccurate when compared to my own heart rate monitor. Entering my weight and speed and incline and it shows my calories burned. For me, this is just a curiosity, but it shows consistent data. CONS: The biggest issues I've had is with the touch-screen buttons. They are hard to push. Same goes for LifeFitness's elliptical trainers and stationary bikes: they all exhibit functionality problems with the on-screen buttons.

Irvine, CA


only treadmill I will use


I absolutely love this treadmill. I have been using it for the last 6 months on average 5 days a week. It comes with many options and settings on it. It is very easy to use but it is also be used with advanced settings.My favorite thing is the option to use incline on the treadmill and burn double the calories then without inclined. It also gives you the option to enter your weight so it will give you the actual calories for your body and also give you your heart rate when you touch the pulse control handles. It is very smooth and sturdy so it's not very flimsy like a lot of other treadmills. It is a little expensive but it is totally worth it and it is also the ones that a lot of the major gyms use which is one of the million reasons why purchase this one.



Life Fitness Club Series CST Treadmill

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