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Lexmark series Printer

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No problems with printer


This came with my computer and I have had not problems with it.  The only thing I don't like is the cost of the ink refills.  It is small and requires little space.  Prints good quality copies and photos.  Just a good over all printer.  Like it says it gets the job done.  What else can I say other that the price of ink refills which is what you get when you buy a package.  They have to make there money some way.

Pauls Valley, OK


Good Basic Printer


I have owned several of these basic little printers.  My family got three new computers at once, and so we got three printers as well.  They have all functioned very well.  They self-align when you install new print cartriges, the paper feeds straight for the most part (have only had a couple of times when there was a slight angle on a print-out, and usually the paper was just not inserted correctly or there was too much paper and it ended up jammed, causing the crooked printing).  This printer does both black & white printing, and color printing.  The cartridges can be found pretty much anywhere, and they are getting more expensive.  If you don't need a big fancy "all-in-one" printer scanner fax copier machine, this little guy works out great.  I would suggest it to anyone wanting something basic and easy to use.  It is not super tiny, but by no means does it take up a lot of room - it easily fits on a small shelf above a computer or at a desk / workspace. 

Fort Wayne, IN


Everything is GREAT, except for the ink...


I have a Lexmark Z735 and it prints very well.  The only thing that I don't like about it is that it eats ink.  I bought my printer on clearance so I didn't pay much, but trying to get ink for it is a nightmare.  The ink doesn't last long and when you do run out, the price is astronomical for a new supply.  Other than that, my printer does pretty much what any other printer should do and I am glad I made the purchase, it's just the ink that's the problem.  Overall I would grade my printer as a B+.

Atlantic City, NJ


Although temperamental, Lex the printer can be good.


I have a love/hate relationship with my inkjet printer which is the Lexmark Z700 series. Lex seems to have his own personality where sometimes he's nice and sometimes he's naughty. All I ever print is standard-sized paper, but even that seems to challenge my poor Lex. I would hate to see what kind of fuss Lex would kick up if I made him print envelopes or anything fancy. I've had to reinstall the printer software a few times since I got Lex a couple of years ago. However, Lex does print what I want even if he has hissy fits sometimes. Plus Lex's owner can be impatient so it is not all his fault. Lex came as part of an inexpensive package with a computer, but while that computer has died, Lex marches on. So Lex is a good printer, but if he ever becomes evil, Canon from my last computer package is waiting in the wings.

Ayden, NC


Lexmark series Printer

4.0 4