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Lexmark Z1300 InkJet Photo Printer

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This is an adequate affordable printer.


This printer is overall good. It's image quality isn't the best and the ink is expensive but, it's super simple to use and prints super fast. I really like it because I can use on my own without the help of others. Also, it prints on paper of different sizes and widths. I thinks it's a great feature that it does this. Performance It has a great performance. The program was super easy to install on my computer and runs properly. It also prints correctly and the colors look pretty nice. I would say that is uses a lot of ink though. Sometimes when I print certain pictures, the paper is soaked with ink and easily smudge-able. Copy Quality The copy qualities are okay. They are not High Definition but, not super blurry either. The printer is great for papers or presentation though. Ink/Paper Use The printer uses a lot of ink quickly. I have to change ink cartridges often. But, I really like that the printer will tell you when you need more ink. It's not just a bad surprise when you look at whatever you tried to print.



nice price


Bought this printer last year, the price was very reasonable for the quality it delivers. Great basic printer. The cartridges are a bit spendy, but when you put the price of the printer into it, it's really not that bad. Refills are available at a bit lower cost, and seem to work just fine.

Prior Lake, MN


The Lexmark Z1300 is a good basic, reliable printer


I downsized from an all-in-one printer to the Lexmark Z1300 and kind of regret doing it.  The Lexmark is a good, reliable printer but it does not make copies and I didn't realize how often I used that feature.  Also, I have bought some remanufactured ink cartridges off Ebay that the printer just would not recognize and use so you have to buy new cartridges each time.  As a basic printer, it does everything I need it to do and it has an automatic shut-off and turn-on feature which works really well.  It was very inexpensive and the cartridges are average priced to replace.  I have no problems printing front and back copies and it comes with a program that allows me to print other things.  It's not a great picture printer but I don't use that very often so it doesn't bother me.  I will continue to use this one until I find a sale on one that does regular printing and makes copies as I really miss that feature.  This item would be great for students or someone who just wants the basic printer.  It is not real large and does a very adequate job.

Talpa, TX


lexmark z1300 color printer frustrates me.


i have owned this lexmark z1300 color printer for about a year now. the thing just frustrates me because for one ink for it is costly and another when it runs out of black ink it will not print anything. even if your color ink is full it will not print anything at all if your black ink is out. i think that is just stupid. other printers i have owned would use just the color ink and print with out having the black ink installed. this printer also has alot of prompts that come up especially when your ink is getting low. always trying to make you go online and order ink. it really gets old after awhile. if you don't have the thing fully loaded with both black and color ink it just refuses to print for you. if your black ink runs out but you have full color ink when you go to print something it will just cancel the printing for you. there is no option in the properties to use only the color ink to print with it only gives you an option to print in black ink when your color ink is low or out. thats just odd.

Parowan, UT


Dependable, mobile, and easy to use/setup.


I actually bought 3 of these and they are all still working fine. It is a small workhorse, compact size makes it ideal for small spaces and students! Color printing is good and it even does well with document quick print to save ink.

Ravenna, OH


Not worth it.


I used to have this printer and it really gave me nothing but headaches. It was the cheapest printer that I could find when I was in college and on a budget. I think it lasted about 2 pages before it kept on getting jammed and having to be rebooted and played around with for such a long time. It wasn't amusing when I was in the middle of trying to type up an essay or my 25 page report which counted as my final at the end of the year. Half of the time, I usually just ended up having to go to the library which is no where as convenient as having a printer in your own home. I am reluctant to buy the cheapest now. It really does cost you much more in the end. I am going to give a word to the wise and tell others to do the same. Sometimes the little extra you spend might seem steep but it works out much better in the end. I am surprised at Lexmark for making this product. I work at a hospital and all we have are lexmark printers, but they are the much more expensive models and seem to work much better.

Selden, NY


Lexmark Z1300 InkJet Photo Printer

3.3 6