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Lexmark Series All-In-One Printer

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This printer is a cherry lifesaver!!!


The Lexmark All In One Printer is wonderful!  I have had it now for 2 and a half years, and it has yet to let me down.  It is positively  wonderful for scanning and saving old photos--I have an ongoing project with scanning old photos to archive them.  It is also very convenient (well, according to my family and friends!)to have a fax machine right here in my home, although I do have to have a filter between it and the phone jack due to the dsl line. The printer was a snap to set up with the included software and cable.  One thing that I had not tried until recently was  printing pictures right from my SD card. WOW what a convenience!  There are slots for all of the digital cards, so no matter which one you have, you will be able to use it.  As a copier, it is far superior to any copier I have owned.  I recently had to photocopy a packing slip for my father in law, and it still had some plastic wrapping attached to it.  Well, it not only copied the slip, but to my surprise, it also copied the plastic wrap!  I mean, I was expecting a small "blob" to show up, but it wasn't a blob at all!  The copy actually looked like a photograph and it even showed every detail of the creases in the CLEAR plastic wrap!  THAT was cool!  The copy quality is stellar.I highly recommend this All In One machine--you will save in the long run with all the features, and Lexmark stands behind it's products 100%.

Harrisburg, PA


Lexmark Series All-In-One Printer

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