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Lexmark All-In-One Printer X7350

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This is an all around good buy.


I am a busy mom with a 3 year old baby, and this is the easiest printer i have used by far. it is everything all in one so you dont have to worry about having 3 or 4 different machines attached to your computer. it scans copies and prints. i have used many of printers but this is the easiest i have found and it is inexpensive. and you dont have to worry about doing the wrong thing because it has each button the top and it is clearly labeled for what it does and it is not that big so you dont have to worry about it being to big for your computer desk or storing it somewhere because it is smaller then most of the others i have seen that all in one printers. the lexmark x 73 is a very good peice of equipment and i would definataly recommend this product to my friends and which i have done so. it does not take long to do what you want it to. it is preety fast and printing and coping and scanning.

Monroe, GA


I can always count on my Lexmark all-in-one.


Since I got my first computer, when I returned to school fifteen years ago, I have always used a lexmark printer. My most recent purchase was this X7350 inkjet all-in-one model. While it does have fax capability, I do not need or use a fax. Still, it is there if I did need to use it someday. Mainly, I use the printer and copier the most. I do a lot of work at home as a volunteer for a non-profit organization, and since we fill Christmas wishes for children in need, right now my Lexmark is worth its weight in gold !! I never have any problems, other then running out of ink, so I can concentrate on my mission. This model is a stand alone copier also. This means if I suddenly need 200 copis of an informational letter because somebody lost the ones we had enroute to a meeting, I do not have to deal with starting up my computer, I just have to turn on the printer and copy the one I kep in my private file. Lexmark makes life so much easier. I have been using this machine for over five years now, and it has outlasted my computer. With all the the printing I do, it gets quite a workout nearly every day and I would always praise Lexmark. What do I want for Christmas ? Lots of Lexmark ink,, after a vist from all the granchildren, of course.

Hazleton, PA


love my lexmark!


Was looking for a new all-in-one to replace my old Lexmark all-in-one because when I bought my new computer it came with Vista and nothing was compatible with it. I found the Lexmark x7350 and I just absolutely love it! .                I have always just used my printers for printing out document's and such but this year my son is graduating so we took out own photos and decided to try printing them using my new all-in-one-printer and I just was amazed at what a wonderful job it did! The pictures turned out better than the professional pictures and it only cost me a fraction of what they charge. I was blown away. It's simple to use and the ink was really not all too expensive either.             It came with templates for some cards and fax documents and a few other document's also for doing other projects. There;'s only two negative things about it so far that I have come across, one the noise it makes when  pulling in the paper and the other is that I am unable to put my calling card number into the speed dial for the fax which is something I was able to do with my old lexmark all-in-one.

Phoenix, AZ


The Lexmark X7350 is a great all in one printer.


The Lexmark X7350 is the best printer in the house.  The color and print is great.  With this printer I can copy, scan, fax and print my own photos. This printer is easy to install even for older people.  Comes with a CD with step by step information to help you setup your printer.  It is very easy to use not complicated at all.  I have other printers in the house but this is the printer that gets used the most. 

Santa Fe Springs, CA


Lexmark All-In-One Printer X7350

4.5 4