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Lexmark All-In-One Printer X5410

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Love the capabilites of this printer


This printer has been a great purchase for our family. Especially the scanning and copying capabilities. We have had this printer for about 2 years and have had no problems with this printer. The biggest challenge has been jammed paper, which is easy to fix. I love being able to choose if I want to make black and white or color copies is wonderful. This Christmas in a jam I placed several wrapped Christmas candies (peppermints, M& M's, etc.) on the scanner and made my own wrapping paper - it turned out darling and I will definately do this again. Since we don't have a fax machine at home the ability to easily scan to a pdf document has been a lifesaver and helpful for many situations. The only challenge we have faced is how quickly the black ink runs out (this is probably the case for all ink jet printers). Like many printers the cost of the printer is nothing compared to what you'll end up spending in ink!

Byron, MN


Lexmark x5410 - Quailty for a low price


I love using this printer - Lexmark x5410. It sells for a very reasonable price.  Its very easy to use.  The price and quality are good enough that I bought two, 1 for each of my places (north and south).  It's great to have the all-in-one features.  Print. Copy. Scan. Fax.  The user software is very well thought out and easy to use with alot of features to fix, crop, etc.  Easy software installation with all operating systems except Windows 7.  I tried to hook it up with the new Win 7 driver and I cant get it to work.  Too bad, but I still use the Lexmark x5410 with my older operating systems, hoping tech support will come to my rescue soon, so that I can begin using it on my nebook as well.  At this point the ink price is still reasonable the cost doesnt hurt my wallet too bad.  The ink cartridiges are easy to get to any replace.  The user interface on the Lexmark x5410 is also user friendly and intuitive.  If I had a third place I'd buy another.

Hudson, FL


Lexmark All-In-One Printer X5410

4.5 2