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Lexmark All-In-One Printer X4850

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great workhorse for students i love it


About a year ago my old Lexmark printer started doing weird things like not printing the right things that sort of thing. but i had that printer for three years so i decided to give Lexmark another shot so i got this wireless printer. it works really really good the printing quality is better than i expected but i am not a person that needs that kind of stuff. what i need is speed efficiency and wireless. first of all this printer is not one of those office printers that prints in two seconds flat thats because it uses ink but it is really fast like by the time i get to the printer in the next room it is done printing. next there is the efficiency this printer i find is one on the better side of this because i went through a whole boxes of paper before i had to change the ink. lastly there is the fact that it is wireless this is my favorite feature because with laptops you enjoy the freedom of going anywhere with your computer and this lets you print anywhere in you home.

Flint, MI


Quality printing


I purchased my Lexmark x4850 All-In-One Printer about two years ago. I haven't had any problems with it really and absolutely *love *the wireless capabilities. This printer prints really well -- everything always looks great. I've even had people comment on how well my printer prints! I enjoy the duplexing feature (two-sided printing) because it saves me time and frustration when I want something double sided. Lexmark also has a rewards program where you can earn free ink when you purchase 5 cartridges from their store or recycle 5 cartridges through the mail with prepaid envelopes that they mail you. I usually don't buy my ink through them, but I always recycle my catridges through this program and they email me when I've earned a free cartridge so I can pick one out. My gripes with this printer -- the ink seems to go quickly, it's a bit noisy (to be expected though, I suppose), and sometimes it doesn't turn on automatically when you select to print something from your computer.

Salt Lake City, UT


Definitely the worst printer I have ever owned!


Having owned a computer and printer for the past 20+ years, I purchased my last printer about a year ago and decided I should go with a reliable and reputable brand. After owning HP printers since I can remember, I decided to go with Lexmark - a solid and trustworthy name.  This printer has given me nothing but trouble since the day I bought it.  The option I was most interested in was the fact that  it is wireless.  Since we purchased it, it has never been able to print wireless.  We've called the company tech support line and have discovered that it was installed properly.  The paperfeed is a crap shoot:  sometimes it feeds the paper straight and inline, but most times we end up with a paper jam or crooked printing. It has been such a frustrating experience I can't even begin to explain it.  Currently, it has been working quite well, but the minute it begins to misfeed the paper or print crookedly, I'm buying a new printer and it will definitely be a HP.

Foley, MN


Best printer I have owned, doesn't drink ink


I have owned this printer for a while.  It's wonderful not to have to be "wired" to it. Everyone in the house, no matter which room they are in, can print from where they are. Seems to have a very good signal pick up.  Most printers we've owned in the past have gone through ink like water.  This one seems to last. Prints come out dry. No need to separate pages to prevent smearing.  I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a new printer.

Muskego, WI


Overall, it is easy to use and print clarity is great.


The Lexmark Wireless X4850 is extremely easy to setup and use. I really like the print quality the printer produces. However, it really uses more ink than I am normally go through. The wireless network setup makes the printer accessible for all pcs in our home. I really enjoy this option compared to the printer it has replaced. 

Irving, TX


Lexmark All-In-One Printer X4850

3.6 5