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Lexmark All-In-One Printer X2600

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this printer keeps on ticking


No matter what we do to this printer, it keeps coming back. All we do is replace the cartrige and off we go!! This printer has lasted over 6 years and the only thing we have to do is replace the ink cartridges. One note on this printer, when loading the paper it is a little difficult to get it straight but this is minor considering how long this printer has lasted. The software is easy to read and manuever and the company is well-know. We are in the market for a smaller printer since we have been down-sizing and will be looking into another version of the leximark printer. This printer is good for business, school or just personal use and I would recommend this for anyone.


Menifee, CA


Do it all with this All-in-one Printer!


This is one of the best printers I have ever owned! Simple to use, and when printing in black and white it is lightning fast! I use this printer for all my Ebay labels and takes just seconds to get a label printed! You can also scan a document in and print in out quickly as well. It also has fax capability although that part I have never set up. Great for copying! I recommend this printer to anyone who does alot of documents or black/white papers. The cartridges are about average, although sometimes you can go on Ebay and find them much cheaper than going to the store. Doesn't take alot of room as it is a small printer.


Union, IA


Lexmark all in one 2600 is more than just a printer!!!


What can I say,I am not one of those compuyer geeks that knows all there is to know about computers,or the internet,I also am not one of those people who must buy or own anything new the day it comes out,I am just the average consumer,I buy what I need,I generally do not go for the extras,and I use what comes with the equiptment! Well,when my printer broke down,my daughter bought me this new one for the holidays,and it amazed me,I still had all the extra wires,equiptment,clutter all over from having a printer,a scanner,a fax machine,LOL,yes,even I laugh at myself when I saw this,I was amazed,and when I hooked it up,I was amazed yet again at the space I saved,then again at how easy it was to set up and initialize. This all in one printer is not only a time and space saver,it is so very user friendly,seriously,a monkey could use this thing,heck,a blind folded monkey could use this thing,lol,thats how easy and user friendly it is! Like I stated previously,I am not a tech geek,but I do know one thing,how to squeeze a buck,and how to get my moneys worth,and I gotta tell you one thing,I will never even think about using any other kind of printer slash copier,slash ANYTHING ever again,unless it has the Lexmark logo on it! Thank you Lexmark,you are my kind of company!


Pittsfield, MA


Could be better!


The printer works when I first started to use it. However, there were certain times when there was no connection with the printer to the computer. Also, the ink refills for this are way too expensive, and recently I have stopped printing on here because it is so costly. The scanner works fine, which I guess is a good thing in this case since there are so many things about it.The printer comes on all by itself at the oddest times. Which is a waste of energy, and kind of eerie. Especially when I am sitting at my desk in an empty house and the printer starts making noises! Then turns on without me touching it and being across the room from it! So I would not suggest anyone to buy this printer because in the end it is not worth it.


Saint Paul, MN


Lexmark x2600 prints well but uses a lot of ink


I have used this printer for quite a while and while it does print fairly well for a printer of this price, it uses a lot of ink and the ink is expensive. I even use the ink saving setting but it doesn't help much.


Fremont, CA


Decent all in one machine for the price


I bought this all in one Lexmark printer because I just needed something affordable where I can use at home to just print coupons, or make copies of documents once in a long while. I really don't do much printing or copying at home at all, so I didn't want to spend too much money on an all in one machine. It prints fairly well, but of course a lot slower than a laser jet. But I don't print a lot of pages at a time, so it works perfectly fine for me. In addition, the copier does exactly what I need it to, nothing too fancy needed. I really only use the copy and print functions, so I don't know if the other functions work well or not. I did try to print pictures before and I don't think it's good enough for pictures, not clear enough. These inkjet printers only run around 50 bucks these days, so you really can't ask for much. It's not necessary to purchase a laser printer unless you are printing multiple pages on a daily basis. Overall, this is just an OK product. I would give it 2.5 stars if that were possible....


Chino, CA


Problems with Jamming


I thought this would be a great copier fax and scanner, however the printer always jams when I try to scan multiple copies or fax multiple documents. I wish they could fix this error as the print quality is excellent.


Colorado Springs, CO


Reliable printer at a great cost


I bought this printer because it came with a package deal with my laptop but I couldn't be happier wiith it. As an aspiring writer I find myself printing off my latest works all the time and this printer has never let me down. It never jams or grabs half of the sheet of paper and gets it all screwed up. The print quality is always good whether it is a picture or forms or just normal written text documents. The ink cartridges are available everywhere and they are fairly reasonably priced too. The scanner on this printer has served me well in the last two years. The scanner has always worked well for scanning either forms pictures or objects, it always gives a clear picture and scans quickly. I never had any problems getting it connected to my laptop or my wifes laptop. One down side is that the automatically shut off seems like it takes two or three days for it to automatically shut down. Aside from that this printer is vary reliable and was very resonablity priced.


Vancouver, WA


Not very economical


The nozzles on the ink would clog frequently. Ink cartridges were no good after one month whether or not you used the printer. Quality was poor, had to clean nozzles before anything could be printed. Ink is pricey for the amount you get and it cannot be refilled.


Vine Grove, KY


lexmark x2600 printer is a scanner,fax machine,copier,printer.


The lexmark x2600 printer is an excellant  printer. It's an all in one printer/fax machine/scanner/copier.prints clear readable words not smeared or smugged.Inexpensive, easy to use printer that is a must have for people with very little space.


Girard, OH


Lexmark All-In-One Printer X2600

3.5 22