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Lexmark All-In-One Printer P4350

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Reliable Multi-function Lexmark P4350


I purchased this printer 6 years ago. I had another Lexmark, but it was such a basic printer, and I wanted to upgrade to something that would print photos. So I got the Lexmark P4350 All in One Inkjet Printer. I like the scanner and PictBridge capabilities. I also like that when one ink cartridge is empty, you can still print off the other. Some brands won't let you do that! The 3-in-1 color cartridge can be a drawback, but it's not so bad. You can print a test page to see what color is low. There is also a photo cartridge available, which combines 3 colors and black in one cartridge, tends to produce better photos this way. Compatible with refurbished carts and you can use a refill kit. Now, after 6 years of use, I'm having a little problem with the paper feeding properly. I think a bit of paper jammed and it's stuck where I can't get it. Still, a really nice printer for the money. When I replace this one, I will get another Lexmark for sure!

Aurora, IL


Incredible machine for the price


I love the Lexmark 4350 all in one printer. Its' so easy to use. It can be set up in minutes. iT WAS SUPER INEXPENSIVE FOR THE QUALITY! My husband is a Network Engineer and he couldn't believe what I paid for it. It makes great copies and the scanner is so easy to use that even a novice like me could do it. I didn't give it 5 stars because the ink seems to finish rather quickly. My son says that it's me using the printer every chance I get; he's probably right. 

Stroudsburg, PA


Lexmark knows how to waist your money.


**The **Lexmark P4350 All-In-One InkJet Printer** is not something I would recommend to anyone that needs tp print things on a regular basis. The printer has a wireless device that is supposed to make connecting to other computers simple and painless, but in fact it can take hours that strains your arms as you carry your laptop around trying to find a place that it will recognize and communicates with the computer only to end up plugging it into the printer anyway and it still may or may not work.** **The Lexmark P4350 also goes through ink like water goes down a pipe. It uses the Lexmark ink cartridge's numbers 32 - black low yield  33 - color low yields or 34 black high yields 35 - color high yields. The cost of the Lexmark ink is on the expensive side in the ink cartridge's world, and you are not paying for quality in anyway. You must have both cartridge's or the printer will refuse to work. Every-time you install a new cartridges the printer will want to run a test print which only results in waisting their over priced ink. When the message appears that you need to replace the ink cartridge's with new ones it is trying to rip you off again, because this message appears when the ink cartridge will still have half the ink inside them unused with plenty of ink left for printing many more pages.**  

Maple Shade, NJ


Lexmark All-In-One Printer P4350

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