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Lexmark All-In-One Printer

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Terrific printer


When I purchased my new computer, I was not sure about what kind of a printer I wanted. I finally decided on the Lexmark X4690, it is just the right "fit" for me. I download & upload lots of pictures and the print quality is very important to me. The crisp, clear colors and sharp images are the biggest selling point for me and I am very pleased with the product.

Weirsdale, FL


The Lexmark X4690 is a great printer for students.


I purchased my Lexmark X4690 because I am in college and need all of the functions of this printer. I love that it has wireless capability. I can put the printer where I have space for it and I don't need to keep any cables hooked up. The scanner and copier come in very handy and work very well. The quality of scans and copies is great. This printer also prints very fast. Papers come flying out of this printer at surprising speeds and look great. I have noticed that the ink does not last as long as I'd hoped, and the printer does not accept the higher capacity inks. If you refill the ink cartridges, the printer will not accept them. However, Lexmark offers a cartridge recycle program. You place empty cartridges into pre-paid envelopes, and for every 5 cartridges you send back, you get one free! Despite the fact that the ink cartridges were a bit of a drawback for me, I love this printer. A wireless printer, scanner, copier that provides solid results. The Lexmark X4690 provides quality prints.

Saint Cloud, MN


The Lexmark X4690 Wireless Printer is great!


I am a single mother and full time student. I use my wireless Lexmark every day. I hate wires and cords so this is great. It takes up very little space and I can take it on the go if necessary. If this one ever goes out I will buy another. LOVE IT!!!

Davison, MI


A bundle of problems.


I purchased a Lexmark X4690 approximately a year ago along with a new computer and have had nothing but problems with the printer.  It has never printed correctly.  If a 3 page file is sent to the printer only the last page will print, so each page has to be printed individually.  In addition the scan function does not work most of the time.  If the scan function is activated it will not respond and change from copy to scan functions.  I have had computer technicians check to see if it was my computer or an error with the drivers but no one could figure it out, not even lexmark.  They gave up fairly quickly on trying to resolve the issue.  The network function had a few issues with my Linksys router but once that was resolved that function did work.  Print quality was good, it was just extremely frustrating having to print each page seperately.  This is actually the second Lexmark printer I have owned and have had problems with both although I got the first one to work decently eventually.  Due to the issues I've had with both printers and the cost of the machines plus the cost of the ink cartridges I'm not impressed with lexmark as a whole.  I would recommend caution in purchasing from Lexmark, although some seem to have good luck with the brand.

Lutz, FL


Lexmark All-In-One Printer

3.8 4