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Lexmark 3300 Printer

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The Lexmark 3300 Printer is an unbeatable printer


I bought my Lexmark 3300 Printer over 4 years ago and it still operates as if I just bought it today. I have never had any mechanical problems with it. I first bought it when I purchased my desktop computer now I uses it for printing documents from my laptop. The price was a good value and I am glad that I purchased it. It is a very high quality product and I will always purchase a Lexmark printer and nothing else. It is easy to use the scan features, for I am able to scan, save the document to my computer and then send the email document (s) . It is so easy and simple. It is also so easy to scan photos.  The picture and colors are very clear. I like the fact that I can scan old pictures and email to friends.and family. I am now looking forward to purchasing a Lexmark wireless printer.

Atlanta, GA


The Lexmark 3300 series Printer is a good one.


It seems one can purchase a new printer for about the same price as a replacement ink cartridge.  The last time a new printer came to live in my house, it was the Lexmark All In One that can scan, copy, print, and read the memory cards that go in digital cameras.   All these features are truly impressive, and are actually put to use in my household.  The printer puts out pages rapidly and the colors are great.  I have used this printer to make brochures, photos, documents, and letters intended as advertisements.  Having the scanner built right into the printer is more than handy, it becomes an expectation and has been put to use scanning family photos, newspaper articles, and other documents.  I would recommend the purchase of this printer or one like it to most anyone.  It sets up easily and is easy to operate.  It took very little effort to discover how to attach the printer to the computer and how to use the features.

Kansas City, MO


lexmark 3300 printer will serve all needs


if your looking for a all in one printer the lexmark 3300 is a very good printer i had mine for five years i`ve had no problems with it i`ve scaned , copied and printer home photos on it this printer is the easiest one i found to use and the price is very affordable so if you can find it buy it

Orange Park, FL


Lexmark 3300 Printer

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