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Lexmark 1400 Series WiFi Printer

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Easy to set up, use and takes small amount of space,quiet too.


I finally got my laptop and we now have a network setup in our small home.  The last piece I ot was a Lexmark Z1420 wi fi printer.  Easy   to to set up.  I used it this am in the living room to test printed fine color ,quiet and fast.  I didn't have to do anything but print it was ready and waiting.  Excellent buy for the money.

Bartlett, IL


best printer


for those of you who are in school or whose jobs mainly recuire printing this is a great not expenxive low cost printer. i have had this printer for about 3 years now and it still functions perfectly. over four years i have bought sevral other printers with fax and all but the barely last 6 months they malfuntion due to wiered reasons. pros this printer is a good looking compact non bulky printer this is a wifi printer no string no cables except for the power cord doesnt take very long to setup about 45 minutes for mild computer users its effective and just does the job you want it to print if you take care of this printer and handle it with care it should not give you any problems at all. **cons** there are not cons to this printer because it does what it was ment to do print. you cant compare this to other printers that print front and back for you have to flip paper manually to print on the backside (if you consider that to be a con) so far i havent encounterd any problem with this printer, i still just used it a few minutes ago.

Richmond, TX


Great printer... BUT----


   I  really like  the Lexmark 1400  printer..  clean  crisp pages  printed  in a  flash However..    The  print  cartridges  are   costly  and  do not  maximize  ink  use..  Fewer  pages  per  cartridge  at  a  high  price..   Again a  really good  printer   with  wifi  capabilities  but  the  cost  of  cartridges  and  their  small output  is somewhat prohibitive.

Red Level, AL


Lexmark outdoes themselves!


I have been using LexMark for years and I wouldn't use anyone else.This Printer was a low cost printer that I bought for our Homeschool group, and it works just as great as all the other printers they have. I would reccomend LexMark to anyone!

Fillmore, IN


Great product for the wireless user


Enjoying this printer and the fact that I can take my laptop to any room in the apartment and still print using my wireless connection.  This printer connects to your network and even though it is off, it will turn itself on automatically when you send a file to print. It took me a while to set it up.  You can connect with a usb cord, but it is a bit harder to get the wireless option set up.  Definitely use the manual!  I followed the set up procedure from the installation disk but then found that I still had to go back to the installation folder and click on "Wireless Setup" separately.  It was not mentioned in the installation that I had to do this, I stumbled upon this while going through the trouble shooting instructions in the manual.

Clifton, NJ


Lexmark 1400 Series WiFi Printer

4.2 5