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Lever 2000
Lever 2000 Original Body Wash

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I love Lever 2000 Body Wash


I just found some lever soap 2000 in my attic, and I am using it, so its has been years since this soap was on the Market. I will they would start selling it again and price it slightly lower then the other body washes, it will sell.


Rocheste NY


Lever 2000 Original Body Wash.


This soap was one of the original body soaps available in this format. I truly miss this product as it worked excellent and I am a brand loyal person - I would still be using it if possible! Effectiveness Does the job and leaves you feeling fresh and clean without any stickiness that you find with some other bodysoaps. Scent Wonderful neutral odor - great for either sex.




Lever 2000 Pure Rain body wash is the epitome of clean


Lever 2000 Pure Rain body wash is the best body wash I have found. I'm not too picky about what type of body wash I use, but I am extremely picky about how it smells. This body wash, to me, is what clean should smell like. I have tried some of the other popular body washes such as Old Spice (smell like a man, man) and Axe, but in my opinion, those smell too much like soap pretending to be cheap cologne. I think soap should smell like ... well ... soap. That's why I would recommend Lever 2000 Pure rain body wash. Also, the level of moisturizer in this body wash is just right for my skin type.


Chicago, IL


refreshing cleansing experience!


Lever 2000 original body wash gets you clean clean clean and feeling fresh fresh fresh!  It leaves a clean scent on your body all day long.  I love the way it soaps up, lots of lather.The Lever 2000 brand is trusted to me.   If you want to be confident all day long, knowing you are smelling fresh, this is for you!!!  Try it, you will love it!


Poughkeepsie, NY


Lever 2000 Original Body Wash

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