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Level Life
Level Life Fast Acting Glucose Gel Supplement

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Another product for diabetics to try.


Len has been a diabetic for 39 years, and on insulin for 19 of them. His sugar readings were pretty good up until he had the brain tumor at the beginning of December. He now takes 6 shots of insulin a day, and I really have to watch for highs and lows. He has glucose tablets with him if he gets a sugar low, but as yet, has never remembered to take one. We received 2 separate samples of Level Life Fast Acting Glucose Gel Supplement in the mail about a month ago. Both Len's sample sachets were Mandarin Orange flavor. I have been carrying one with me since we received them. We were at the gym and Len started to look gray, and sweaty. The signs of low blood sugar. I immediately went to my bag, pulled out the 1.1 ounce sachet, tore off the top, and handed it to him. He drank it down immediately. I asked him once he started to feel human again, how it tasted, and he said that it was good. His color came back to him, and the sweating stopped. This product gave us plenty of time to get back home, check Len's sugar, which was normal, and give him a small snack. I like the fact that this is an individual sachet, and he cannot take too much, just enough to get his sugar back on track. When he is at home he often over eats when he gets a sugar low.

New Port Richey, FL


Level Life Fast Acting Glucose Gel Supplement

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