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Lestoil Grease and Stain Remover

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amazing grease stain remover!


This item is so amazing that I feel compelled to share it here and write a review about it, so that says alot! Basically, I have two small children who think butter is a food group in itself so I was getting frustrated to no end with the stains on the clothes. With two girls , I like to use them on both kids. After searching online, I saw someone recommend this product so I picked it up at the grocery store. Opening it up smells STRONG like pine. (Actually, it reminded me of my local mechanic, and I think he uses it there! ) Basically, I put this on the stains and let it sit, scrubbed a little, and threw in our old washer. Miracle. All stains came out. I recommended to a friend who had spilled a jar of olive oil on her favorite jeans which also worked. Then the test of all test: I found a white blouse that had a 3 inch liquid makeup stain on it from 3 years ago and had been washed and dried and packed away. I had just tucked the stain in, but figured I would give it a try- and it worked! The only negative thing about this product is the smell. It is strong and sometimes I had to wash the newly de-stained clothes twice to get the smell out.

Belmont, MA


Must have someone in your family is a "grease monkey"!


My hubby just took a full time mechanic job and comes home covered in all sorts of grease, gas, deisel. I had practically given up on getting his clothes back into a decent shape until my mother in law suggested Lestoil. I am highly alleric to Pine-Sol and this has a very similar sent and I was actually afraid of this product but figured I had nothing to loose. I am happy to say it did not bother me one bit and I was amazed at how much filth and greasy stains were removed! I love this product, and this will always be a staple in my household from now on!

Taylorsville, KY


I'm the unoffical spokesperson for Lestoil!


"Oh no I spilled red wine on my white shirt! I need new t-shirts all my white ones have pit stains." Any of these sound familiar? Lestoil has been my favorite cleaning product since childhood. Mom-mom ALWAYS cleaned EVERYTHING with it. Laundry stains, the floors, the counters, our beds, our bathrooms. I mean she cleaned EVERYTHING with it, and everything looked clean. I love how versitile lestoil is, it'll get grease out of asphalt but is gentle enough to get stains out of clothing. What else out there does all that? Not only does it work great on whites, but it's safe to use on colors as well. So if you've got a grease stain on your blue shirt, you can go ahead and put lestoil right on the stain and not worry about 'bleaching' the color out. I always have lestoil under the sink, it's my favorite go to cleaner. Just remember, one drop goes a long way! You don't need to pour in half a bottle to see results, just a capfull will do the job!

Philadelphia, PA


best kept laundry secret


Lestoil will remove ANY stain you have ever had on any piece of clothing, no matter how long it has sat there! It will remove blood, grease, everything you thought you couldn't get out. Our family has a trucking business and every piece of clothing that comes in the house with grease, blood, oil, gas, all kinds of stains! I use it to pretreat just about anything, and if I feel like there are really tough stains, I will put some in the wash with the detergent as well. There is a very distinct smell to lestoil, that may bother some, if this is the case, just use liquid fabric softener,, it should cut the smell, or wash items that you need to use a lot of lestoil on, wash them twice, once with the lestoil and once with out. Because the bottle is not very spot treating friendly, I purchased a generic clear squirt bottle and just fill the lestoil in it, so that I can spot treat instead of pouring way too much onto a piece of clothing. It saves money too! You wont need to use as much.

Ocean City, MD


great for all you laundry needs


Here is a GREAT money/time saving product.  Have you ever gotten an oil based stain on your clothes, like lipstick, or cooking oil....well here is the solution!!!  Put a little bit of LESTOIL on the spot and let it sit for a day, and put it in with the laundry...... and I swear it's gone!!!  I LOVE to bargin shop, and many times things with stains are like new after using this.  I LOVE IT!!!

Manahawkin, NJ


Lestoil Grease and Stain Remover

4.8 5