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Lenovo y410 Notebook PC

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This was a really nice laptop. It was a bit heavy, and weighed down my bag a lot when I was walking to and from college to my bus stop. It has a low battery life, but it's a bit expected because it's a gaming laptop. Scratched pretty easily as well, which I disliked, along with imprints on my screen from my keyboard. I did think the speakers were pretty nice though. Overall, a nice laptop. Works very quickly, easy to use, etc. Expensive as all get out, but I will never regret buying this laptop. The keyboard is very nice, but sometimes it'll squeak when pressing the left+ctrl button. Overpowered if you're not into gaming, but if you are into gaming it's a great buy! The speakers are of great quality as well. The people from lenovo were very nice when I told them that my laptop came with a scratch on the monitor due to shipping issues, and gave me a replacement computer in record time. Definitely worth buying again.



Not a great laptop, but it gets the job done.


This is going to be my fourth year going strong with the Lenovo Y410. When I bought it, the specs were pretty solid for the low-mid range laptops. Obviously now the laptop os not cutting edge, but it still can handle the majority of tasks you throw at it. Being 14.1", the laptop is not that heavy, but it will get tiring after a while. The keyboard is fantastic, which is no surprise, since Lenovo always have great keyboards. The Core 2 Duo handles day-to-day computing, office work and internet browsing. Do not buy this computer for anything multimedia, except watching movies and playing an ocassional game or two. The screen is very good, bright and comfortable. The sound is sorely lacking, The speakers sound thinny and the subwoofer does not make any difference. Headphones are recommended. About the heating issues, this is commonplace in this model. Dust accumulates on the fan and the laptop overheats, making it shut down. One can open the computer and clean the fan, although is not recommended for novice or laptops with warranty.

Yabucoa, PR


Lenovo y410 Notebook PC

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