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Lenovo Thinkpad X60s (170263U) PC Notebook

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Love It


This laptop is amazing. I am borrowing it from a friend until I can replace mine that died. I seriously love this laptop; I have used it before and it is very easy to get used to. The way it is set up is easy for anyone to understand and use. It is extremely durable...I saw my friend drop it on a tiled floor and it did not even look like anything had happened. The battery life is pretty good; considering I use multiple programs at once three hours is pretty good especially when you consider that this is a used laptop that has been heavily used (and abused). I cannot complain about this laptop as far as support and service go because I have never needed any. It loads everything in a timely fashion; it loads faster than my old laptop did that was newer. I think the design is okay; there are several ways to scroll and sometimes that can get annoying if you are not paying attention and accidentally start scrolling down. I think the cursor toggle in the keyboard is unique and can come in handy depending on what you are doing. Overall, I think this is an awesome laptop that anyone can use.




Decent budget laptop


I use this computer for work and although the build quality does not match some of the higher-end models this is more than enough for every day purposes. I do think I will be going for a computer with higher screen resolution and heavy duty construction for my next laptop purchase.




Lenovo Thinkpad X60s (170263U) PC Notebook

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