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Lenovo ThinkPad X120e, APU E-350, 2GB, 250GB, 11.6, BGN, 6-cell battery (05962NU) PC Notebook

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absolutely the best netbook you can get


As someone who has been searching for the right netbook I have been through a bunch of machines in this category. I used to have an HP mini 1000, acer one 10", lenovo S10 and even a Dell mini 9. All of those I had for probably less than 1 month because they just were not good enough. I also briefly owned a Lenovo X100e and fell in love with the keyboard and have also used a gateway ec1803u CULV core solo machine. That said, I got rid of all of those or returned them as they just were not good enough and ended up using an ancient Dell D420 I borrowed from work. That said my X120e finally arrived after 2 weeks of being built. This laptop is wonderful. It is built very well like most other thinkpads, and the keyboard / pointing devices are fantastically well made and feel great to the touch. The one thing that is subpar for a thinkpad is no rubberized coating on the back of the screen (I have a work W510 also which does have that). Granted thats a small thing so its not a huge bad thing. My machine has 3GB of ram a 250GB 5400 rpm drive and the E-350 dual core and 3 cell battery. I do not really need to use it on battery for more than 2-3 hours ever, so I think the battery life out of a 3 cell is fine. The dual core chip with AMD fusion GPU is great as it can easily playback 1080p youtube HD and other HD video formats without a hitch unlike almost every other netbook (outside of nvidia ION based ones). Also another thing that is much better than all the other netbook / CULVs i've used is it doesnt have the annoying glossy screen. So if you need a netbook and need a good keyboard, this is the one for you. Its worth the slightly extra money compared to say a n450 atom or dual core atom. Especially with the HD features. It is even fast enough to run some games like left 4 dead or starcraft 2.

Alameda, CA


Lenovo ThinkPad X120e, APU E-350, 2GB, 250GB, 11.6, BGN, 6-cell battery (05962NU) PC Notebook

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