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Lenovo ThinkPad T42 Notebook PC

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still going but showing its age


when I first started working at my current job, they assigned me a T 42 laptop. I have always heard great things about IBM sought was very excited to use this computer. IBM did not disappoint. This computer lasted me almost 7 years. I never had a problem with the computer except for the touchpad button which was easily replaced under warranty. However after all these years the computer started to show its age. I now have in our 61 and primarily use that, so maybe that is why this computer seems very old to me now. However if I need a backup laptop, this is a laptop that I use. It still works great. The only thing that I have done to it since I got it was at additional RAM. If you still have one lying around in your house, add some RAM to it and give it to a student who needs a computer. It's an excellent computer to do papers on and use the Internet. Sure, you can play the latest and greatest video games, but it is still good computer.

Amityville, NY


The IBM T42p Thinkpad is great for business, but not for gamers!


The IBM Thinkpad T42 was designed completely for business, so if you're a serious gamer... GO AWAY!!! It can get burning hot if you just let it run while playing 3d games, and i mean really hot to touch. The Fan is quite ineffective so a laptop cooling pad is a must to buy. It isn't the lightest computer in the world, but it is light enough to carry around portably. It also has a nice trackpoint feature that allows you to move the mouse around the screen with one button, but it can be a little inaccurate and pointless. You can plug two wireless cards into it, and it has built in WiFi and Blue-tooth so that you can connect to the Internet anywhere you feel like. That is really focused towards business, and it has terrible sound quality, especially if you are sitting down. Taking out the hard drive, or DVD player, or battery to upgrage it is really easy, so if you know how to do that, this laptop could work for you. It comes with 2 GB Memory, not 1.

Shrewsbury, MA


Great laptop for work or play!


This laptop has plenty of power for the daily office user. The battery life isn't so great on a battery that's about a year old. Runtime is about an hour at best.The LCD could have a better resolution on it as well. Speed is great for the usual MS office programs and a few custom programs used for work!

Erie, CO


Lenovo ThinkPad T42 Notebook PC

4.0 3