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Lenovo ThinkPad Notebook PC

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it's a good product


The lenovo thinkpad x61 is an ultraportable business laptop geared to individuals who demand the best. Like its larger brothers of the ThinkPad line, it shares all of the same rugged features, as well as the creature comforts of a full-size keyboard. The X61 looks as if Lenovo took a thinkpad t60 and shrunk it down by 30 percent. Although it is much smaller than its counterparts, it is every bit as fast. This model came loaded with a 7200rpm hard drive, 2GHz Core 2 Duo processor, and 2GB of RAM. Light business travelers can rest easy knowing they didn't sacrifice anything but weight when they bring the X61 on the road. I found the lenovo thinkpad x61 to be a fantastic alternative to my larger 15" T60 in situations that I didn't want to lug around the heavier machine. It had all the grunt of the much larger machine, but inside a much smaller package. I was also surprised by how easy it was to upgrade the ram in the X61, by removing a access panel on the bottom of the laptop. This is the only ThinkPad that doesn't require you to remove the palm rest for this upgrade. Besides the screen, the only qualms I had with this laptop related back to Vista. For the ultimate travel machine, I personally would install XP Professional on it for better battery life.

Santa Barbara, CA


Thinkpad x61 has made my school a better and easier experience.


My school was given a grant to upgrade our schools technology last year. With the money, they ordered the sophomores, juniors, and freshmen classes lenovo thinkpads. These computers have made my high school experience more organized, and given us a bigger unlimited excess to  material because of the internet. With the Lenovo thinkpads, you are able to put the laptop in "slate" mode and with a stylus it is like writing directly on your notebook. What makes the thinkpad more efficient is that with the laptop there is no need to carry heavy books and notebooks. Like any computer there are a few bugs. After having my laptop for two years, a have definatly been to the computer help desk enough to know that these computers are easily broken if dropped, the stylus has been stuck in the slot in the side of the computer before, and the screens suport stem comes loose and then you have to get it fixed (this has happend to me once), but over all, this is a good computer, and does it's job.

Cincinnati, OH


Lenovo Thinkpad x61


I have had this laptop for about 3 years now.  It has been a good laptop. I orginally purchased it when i started college.  I liked the concept of the tablet and being able to write with it.   I have used the laptop alot to take notes for classes that i am in.  It is also very light and portable. As far as graphics are. it is not that great.  It does not have an upgraded graphics card so trying to play some high intense graphics games can be a struggle.  Which is why i have a really good gaming desktop.  This laptop is mainly for college purposes for me.  I also like computer art and being able to use the pen to hand draw some things for sketching and design purposes is very handy. Some downsides are it does not have many options as far as outputs and such.  Has the basic usb. vga. and audio /mic input.  does not have a dvd/cd drive (but i have a portable usb dvd burner drive anyways)  The laptop can get a little hot on your lap after sever hours of usage.  The battery does seem to last a long time even after 3 years of constant use.  One thing is that i upgraded the ram size. because using programs now adays i even fill up my 4gbs of ram. Heavy ram loads means slow processing. soo yeh i have upgraded mine. The penabled option is pretty cool with this laptop. although some people hate the little nobb mouse that alot of lenovo's have. ( i have become acustomed to it.. so it is easy for me to use. I perfer a mouse though, and hate laptop fingerpads..) Overall it is a decent laptop and is good for multiple portable uses.

Seattle, WA


Love my Lenovo X61


This is my 2nd Lenovo. My office provides a new one every couple of years. I started with the X41 and recently upgraded to the X61. I am a big believer that a portable computer should be...portable (what a concept). Many of my colleagues prefer the big bulky desktop replacements, but I take mine with me everywhere and use it all the time in meetings. The Table feature is particualrly useful in meetings as a laptop sitting on the conference table can be a distraction. Now most of my notes can be taken and organized digitally (no more piles of paper). It had decent battery life and performs very well.

Greenville, NC


Lenovo ThinkPad Notebook PC

4.3 4