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Leisure spa
Leisure spa Tonga

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Lots of room but need to be tall to sit in it....


We have had our hot tub for two years now and I love having a hot tub.  I do not regret getting a hot tub by any means, however when looking for a hot tub, make sure you test it out in the store WITH WATER in it.  We got a Leisure Bay Spa, the Tonga.  It has seating for 8, but seats 5 comfortably and 4 very well.  The major complaint that I have is that I am not very tall (only 5 ft. 3 in.) and I have a very hard time sitting in the seats.  Most of the seats are too deep for me to sit in when filled to the water line.  We sat in the spa in the store but it did not have water in it at the time, so I recommend trying it out with water.  Take your bathing suits along.  Really that is the only major complaint I have...otherwise I love my hot tub.  There are a variety of seats with different jets to hit different parts of your back...and my favorite part is the feet jets....love them.  It is not very hard to maintain once you figure out the chemicals.  I totally recommend a hot tub to anyone who is even remotely thinking about it.  Very relaxing!!!!

Concord, NC


Leisure spa Tonga

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