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Lehigh SafeGuard Ultimate Dog Trolley Exerciser

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Lehigh safeguard dog trolley


The worst thing i have ever bought!!!!!!! My beautiful 7 month old Siberian Huskey, 2 blue eyes, 40 lbs... I bought this trolley so my puppy could run without getting into the road or lost. I had the trolley for not even a month. We installed it and double checked everything cause this is to keep my baby girl safe. I don't have kids and she is my first dog ever!  Four days after christmas i have to go back to work so i put my dog on the trolley so she could run. I only had to work for a couple of hours so i knew it would be ok. Plus Huskeys need to be outside. About 2pm that afternoon the metal on the trolley broke in half, she was lose, a 40lb puppy broke this metal??????? Yea it happened and she was running around with a 10' line attached to her! She went into the road. The driver of the car said she was running so fast no car would ever hit her. Well it was snowing so bad that day, the 10' line got caught in the guys tires and snaped her neck. She was dead, and there was nothing anyone could do. NOW YOU TELL ME HOW A 40LB PUPPY BROKE THIS TROLLEY?????? Don't buy one!!!! Please i don't want this to happen to anyone else, this is the worst!   

Sandy Creek, NY


Lehigh SafeGuard Ultimate Dog Trolley Exerciser

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