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Lego Ninjago Battle for Ninjago City


The huge evil OverLord has powered up and is threatening to take over New Ninjago City. Help the Ninjas to defend the Ninjago temple using its awesome array of hidden features. Plan your strategy in the control room and activate the catapult stairs to send intruding Nindroids flying. Evade laser-cannon fire from OverLord and retaliate by triggering the tower’s dual catapult and hidden disc shooter. Zoom down the zip line from the roof with Lloyd, spin the rotating walls to reveal hidden weapons, and glide into battle with Jay. Outsmart those Nindroid invaders and lock them up in the prison! Includes 8 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Jay, Lloyd, Zane, Nya, OverLord and 3 Nindroids.

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the kids love it!


My kids love pretty much everything by Lego. My youngest son really is into the Ninjago sets and would love to have them all. He loves all the characters and enjoys putting all the pieces together. Sometimes the instructions are too hard for him to follow, so he will get creative and just make his own creatures and buildings and vehicles just for the fun of it. That is one of the great things about the Lego sets, is that they have such a variety of pieces that you can be creative with them to make whatever your imagination can come up with. The only downside is that the sets can be expensive and there are never coupons and only occasionally sales to make them more affordable. It would be nice if Lego could bring the prices down a bit more or include more in each set so that it is a better value for what you have to pay. Overall, it is a great set that keeps the kids busy while learning skills (without realizing it!) and is only limited by the number of pieces they have and their imagination. I highly recommend Lego sets for kids of all ages (except when you have little ones around who might put the tiny pieces in their mouths). When I have the time, I enjoy building new creations with my kids too! Almost anyone can enjoy Legos and the Ninjago sets.



A Great LEGO Set


LEGOs are always expensive no matter what set you buy so this one is no exception. But I guess that it is worth it because my son spends hours playing with his LEGOs. I also hear they're beneficial in skill development, so that's also a pretty neat benefit. Anyway, if you have a little Ninjao building fan in your life this is the perfect set to suit their needs. With this set the possibilities are endless, as my son has shown to me. This set is actually a city so it is a pretty large set that features a building with rotating walls, a glide and stairs. the set is one that my son plays with all of the time. He is big on the mini figures and this set includes 8 of them so he is a happy camper. There is also a few little accessories for the minifigs so he can change up their styles. My son and I can play with this together and I have just as much fun as him.

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Lego Ninjago Battle for Ninjago City

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